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Monday, 08 August 2011 08:51

What Healing Looks Like

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When I am in pain I always focus on the metaphysical causes before or in conjunction with seeking medical (western or holistic) help.

Yesterday my upper mid back began hurting, again.  This has been happening off and on for longer than I can remember.  My chiropractor has been working on this particular vertebra for months and it hasn’t budged.  He says it is the one that governs the nerves to the pancreas – important to me because I have diabetes and want to do everything I can to manage it properly.  However, I am absolutely certain his work created the opening for the healing I experienced with it.

I have previously done a lot of healing in this area with some pretty good results but it flared up again in the past month.  As I tuned in psychically I could see and feel a sharp hook with a cord to someone else.  I believe it was tied to some issues with my dad but that wasn’t really important.  Talking to someone yesterday triggered me again to try to let go of this and the pain began.  I relaxed and asked for help from God and my higher self, and saw angels come to work on it.  I also sought assistance from my monk friend who is not normally a healing facilitator but she helps me a lot anyway.

This particular hook played a great part in helping me hold on to limitations so that I would not embrace too much of my higher self. With this I could continue living pretending as if I am small, powerless, and a bit of a victim.  However, I have been diligently and joyously expanding my awareness of self and it became too painful to hold on to the hook.

The angels worked on clearing the energy around it, then helped remove the hook and dissolved the cord.  Then they helped remove the toxins so that I could heal completely as if the hook was never there.  I experienced a lot of discomfort throughout the day and the entire night – still a bit sore – because it was embedded so deeply and I had just enough resistance to make it hard to release.

I no longer need to get any information on exactly what this all meant or when I allowed it to embed or what it will mean when it is gone.  I trust and have faith healing will occur. In this case I intended that it heal and breathed a lot through the discomfort.  The images that came to me are how my mind interpreted the energy shift.  I also very clearly re-affirmed my declarations and commitments to knowing I AM one with everything and am much more than just the body, mind, sense complex.

This is what it psychically looks like to me when I focus on healing pain in my body. There is ALWAYS an energy block or hook involved.  Sometimes the underlying agreements, emotions or story (life experience that originally created the block) shows up too.  However,  the means for healing it also always shows up.  Isn’t that cool?










Wednesday, 03 August 2011 00:30

Enchanting Blessings

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The signs of grace in our lives come in various ways.  We just have to be open to them and then appreciate them. I have been blessed lately with some tiny but exquisite reminders of grace heralding some beautiful changes in my energy and, probably, my life.

It began with a Monarch butterfly accompanying me on a neighborhood walk a few days ago.  Then two ladybugs visited me in my bedroom the next night.  The day after, I saw more Monarch butterflies in places I don’t usually see butterflies.  Yesterday I visited a nursery to enjoy the plants and another butterfly joined me as I walked around (seriously, followed me and did aerial dances all around me wherever I went).  At one point I accidentally walked into some plants and disturbed a bunch of black butterflies. I was delighted as they all flew up and then settled right down again even though I didn’t move away from the plants. I have never seen black butterflies before.  Then earlier today a gorgeous iridescent dragonfly flew up to me as I was getting out of my car to go into the local library.  I haven’t seen a dragonfly in over 30 years.

I generally get visions and serendipitous series of events as signs. I rarely get visits from bugs of any kind.  So I paid attention.  I am so appreciative of the loving, expansive feeling in my heart that came with each visit.  I felt loving reassurance and comforting compassion from each little enchanting creature.  They have helped me cope with the transition of my healer cat and to accept certain surprising perceptual and energy shifts as a result of my ongoing commitment to step out of duality living while still in this human body.  I am grateful to be blessed so much.



Saturday, 30 July 2011 08:36

Recognizing and Following the Signs

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We get signs all the time from our inner beings/higher selves, we just don’t always recognize them.  Signs for what to focus on, which direction to turn, what is next in our lives, and that we are supported.  Sometimes those signs come in the form of reactions.

I was recently frustrated with a friend who is having severe heart troubles (to the point of pain and palpitations just talking animatedly, and fainting a lot) and is still acting out a very detrimental behavior and emotional pattern of putting someone else first to the point of harming herself by working very hard on a project for a family member (to complete a gift, not an emergency).  I couldn’t even talk to her one day because I couldn’t stand to be around the energy of it.

I caught up with myself and began exploring why I was having such a strong reaction.  I realized I was/am very frustrated with myself for continuing an addictive behavior pattern that is equally self-destructive.  So I sat down and re-identified with my expanded, eternal self (rather than the ego-addicted self) and imagined the jail of this addiction releasing from my mind, my emotions and my psyche (not very different than the mind for this purpose).   I felt and saw the bindings of the ‘bars’ release and dissolve.  I also allowed a lot of healing within my heart and other areas of my emotional energies.  As I have already done so much healing and shifting for underlying causes of this addiction, I was not guided to do any work or allow any shifting on anything like that.  I was purely addressing where I still held on to the addictive thinking patterns and resulting hurt and reactions.

I am able to be a compassionate witness for my friend now and am excitedly looking forward to the different choices I know I will be able to make in my every day life.


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Thursday, 28 July 2011 08:12

Do what works for YOU

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Isn’t it wonderful how there are so many books, websites, gurus, mystics, psychics, motivational speakers, channeled articles, holistic fairs, television shows, movies, etc all showing or telling us how to go about our spiritual growth?  There are so many people that it is clear there must be so many ways or techniques that we need.  However, isn’t it amazing how many of them think ‘their’ way is the right way?

Well it is – for them.

Use your discernment to find your way – which may or may not be the same as any one else’s.  You will know what is right for you by the  way you feel.  If you feel uplifted, inspired or expanded, or even challenged, then you know the information or choice is correct for you.  If not, well, think about it again.  The immediate results in your life may tell you nothing so you will need to at least pretend that your inner feelings/senses can guide you.

And do not pay any attention to me if this doesn’t work for you.

 So if you are just acknowledging the possibility of your own energy creating your life you are in a very different place than individuals who have shifted so much that they live in trust and faith every single day without the need to consciously focus on exactly what they might want in life (not sure how many of those there are but there must be some out there somewhere).  So your needs, your processes and your path will be different – not better or worse, just different.  It is all good and all appropriate.

Oh and there is no hurry either – you won’t be ‘left behind’ if you think you are not moving fast enough.  That is just a thought that you can let go of – if you wish

Just another reason to relax, have some fun, and allow.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011 08:20

Go Have Some FUN

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 What do you do with yourself when you are betwixt and between?  When you feel like you have released a lot and changed dramatically but perhaps your every day life is not showing it?   Maybe you are a teeny tiny bit impatient about it?

Give the universe time to catch up with your changes. Give yourself time to settle in to this new, expanded version of you.  Live in this for a while.

Moving into the higher vibration way of living means trusting on a very deep level that all is well, you are always taken care of, and everything is connected. Live like that now.  Go have some fun.  Let go of the worries and the need to make anything happen.  The best way to do that, aside from lots of inner energy work, is to have fun, the sillier the better.

I love bubbles.  I have no idea why, I just do.  Once when I was visiting with a friend in Long Beach, CA I bought a bubble gun.  It is a battery-operated gun with a laser light that you connect to bubble mixture (soap and water).  When you pull the trigger many bubbles come out.  When I am down or doubting, I pull out the gun and shoot bubbles.  I do it from my balcony, I do it while I am out walking, and I do it on the beach.  It makes me laugh and it makes other people light up too.

When I laugh over nothing like that, I am totally present and satisfied.  That signals to my higher self and the universe that I am ready for the next great thing or change in my life.  All the inner doors are open and I am receptive.  Be silly.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011 05:54

Brighten Your World

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Want to know how to make everything brighter and more wonderful?

Take a good look around you.  Pay attention to how you feel and how things look.  Then close your eyes and raise your vibration or connect stronger with your inner being/higher self/God (whatever works for you).  You can imagine your vibration measured by a dial (or a digital reading for you youngsters) and then turn the dial up or increase the digital reading.  Really feel the expansion, breathe into any constriction. Open your eyes.  Notice how the colors themselves of your environment are brighter and how much more light there seems to be.  Notice your heart seems to connect with the natural world much easier.  I bet you even feel happier.

Sometimes it takes longer to raise your vibration because you have to detach from all the worry and fear but it is worth it to be a little happier in your life.

Monday, 04 July 2011 04:38

I LOVE Slowing Down

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One of the most interesting paradoxes of all of this spiritual growth is that the more I slow down in my physical every day life, the faster I seem to shift.  Slowing down my thoughts and my activities provides the room for the yumminess in connecting with my eternal self to be more obvious.  It also signals to the subconscious parts of me that I love myself enough to allow time for ease while integrating which, in turn, translates to manifesting and attracting my life from that love.

Slowing down also helps me soothe the edges of my psychic awareness.  I am consciously aware of being constantly bombarded by psychic noise of one sort or another, such as info about people, the speed at which the energy on and of earth is changing, upcoming world events, others’ emotions, etc.  It happens to all of us, some of us are just more sensitive to it than others.

When I take the time for me, just resting or reading or meditating or enjoying the ocean, I find it easier to allow all of that psychic noise to just slide off of me.  I can feel the edges of my awareness relaxing and healing and I tend to reconnect even deeper to the eternal part of me – that is also the eternal part of everything.  It makes life more delicious.

Additionally, and more interestingly, slowing down means I let go of resistance and my inner growth zooms.  I just get out of my own way. So I embrace slowing down wholeheartedly and am even learning to allow it before I get so stressed that some part of me has to create a specific event to remind me (those events usually hurt!).


Friday, 17 June 2011 11:20

Ignore what "They" say

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So  ‘they’ say you should produce blogs and newsletters, offer classes and specials, and be as prolific as you can to attract business.  Or write those annoying (and long) marketing emails and send them out as often as possible.  Of course, ‘they’ also say you should look a certain way, do certain things, and earn a certain income, etc.


If you are paying attention to your inner being/higher self/intuitive guidance (all the same to me) you may find that your actions are timed differently and are just completely different than any of that. You may find satisfaction in the simple things, basking in the sacredness of inner stillness.  You may find just enough income plenty for you.

I know I have surprised myself.  For instance, I have pretty much overhauled all my beliefs about money over the years but especially in the past year.  I know my passion and commitment is to inner spiritual growth while in this body and EVERYTHING else comes after that.  So I am more accepting of jobs that are not super-satisfying as long as I get to maintain my spiritual growth and they meet a few other basic requirements.  I live pretty simply so I can spend money on what is important to me (books, fabric, some medical needs and my cat). Everything I was using money for is healing - to fill the insecurities up, to stay closed to people so I won't get hurt, etc.

I even caught an image of myself the other day as I entered a building and really liked what I saw – purple hair, sagging neck, Walmart clothes, ‘extra’ 30 lbs and all.  Certainly none of that fits in with what I imagine 'they say is supposed to be.  It has taken a lot of internal work to get to this place and I am thrilled to be here.  I am writing about it so I will remember it ALL THE TIME!!! LOL!!

Wednesday, 08 June 2011 12:14

Take Your Time

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You are blossoming and jettisoning all the old limiting beliefs and behaviors.  You are embracing the eternal you, expanding your energy and awareness beyond your body’s senses.  Gradually your interest and attachment to things and people will change too.  One day you may feel as if you don’t fit the life you are in anymore.

This is a time of rejoicing, celebrating the new you.  Now you have to give yourself time to allow the ‘new’ you to emerge.  It really is the true you before you adopted all that negativity or ‘rules’ on how you are supposed to behave, how you connect with others and what defines success.

It is ok to have a period of adjustment.  Have patience and show compassion for yourself as you navigate the self-discovery path once again. Try new things, even if it is just taking a new route to work each day or looking at your current relationships differently.  Any activity or choice that supports you being fully present and aware will lead you towards what is best for you.  But most of all have fun.  In the light of amusement and joy will come your greatest realizations and connections.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011 07:06

Just Relax and Let it Flow

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Ever wanted to change something about yourself or get something accomplished but just couldn't make it happen no matter how hard you tried? 

It is possible this desire to change or accomplish something specific comes from a deep inner knowing that the it is right for you and is coming but you aren't quite aware yet that there are certain things that need to heal or transform before it arrives.  Knowing this can spur your growth and/or trigger it.

For instance, I have been trying to go 'raw' in my food for about 7-8 years. I felt called to it and knew it was right for me. I had heard about it maybe 5 years prior to that but I had so much resistance and so much inner emotion tied to eating for comfort, emotional fulfillment and escape that I could not do it.  My sense of depirvation and victimhood was in the way.  I then developed several physical diseases that could definitely have been mitigated by eating properly.  Additionally, as I transformed into a higher vibrational being there were (are) certain foods my body just could no longer tolerate.  I still struggled for 4 more years with tryng to eat alive and high vibrational foods.  A few months ago I started getting sick ANY TIME I ate foods that were different from that. 

I always knew I had to heal whatever wouldn't allow me to eat properly rather than exert my will over the out-of-control inner child that insisted on eating to help every emotional situation but I had a lot of shame because I listened to other people's judgment of me and because I didn't bow to accepted societal pressure to "get thin".  In the meantime I have been constantly shifting, expanding and healing old limiting ehaviors, beleifs and patterns.  After years of healing and changing, I recently had a series of major spiritual and energy transformations in seemingly unrelated areas and WHAM!! with no warning, fanfare or drama, my eating habits changed.  I cook very few foods these days and eat even less processed foods. These transformations also helped me be very calm, centered and trusting around my income and certain other core issues I have carried around this life time. 

I notice this in all areas of my life, even something as inconsequential as trying to finish a sewing project for someone else.  If i try to push to make anything happen, completion or accomplishment seems to move farther away.  If I relax and focus on embracing whatever reaction or thought comes from within when I don't want to continue or when things don't seem to be moving, everything flows much faster.  These days I am letting inspiration carry me to wherever my higher self directs.

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