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Monday, 14 December 2009 09:28

Stop Being Mean to Yourself

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 he looked so battered. She had been abused to the point of hopelessness, where she wouldn’t even allow herself to feel or express her own personality. I felt my heart break when I first saw her. She had been told over and over that she was ugly, worthless, stupid, not good enough for anything, and that she would never be accepted or loved, as well as other mean condemnations. Each word was like a slap, a punch a cut until all she could do was stew in her misery. I was ashamed that this had been allowed to happen.
The problem was that this was not some little girl living in a shelter or on the streets. This was a vision of an inner child representing the part of me that took on all the horrible things I said and projected at myself, all my dislikes, disappointments, judgments and anger, and all that I absorbed from others.
This part continued to attract more negative energy, emotions and thoughts because that is all she knew. This was a part of me that I have been running from for a long time, only I didn’t know it existed. I was actually shocked to find her because I have done so much work with inner children and emotions.  She was covered in so much other anger, sorrow and fear that she was well hidden but her presence meant that no matter how much clearing I had done up to now the depression, anger and fear came back.
Finally I reached a point of such integration of my higher self/soul energy that I was ready to face what I had done and allowed to be done. I was ready to take full responsibility for my thoughts and prior actions and I trusted myself in this enough to uncover this beautiful, vulnerable hurt part of me.
In my vision I began talking to her, telling her I was so sorry for all the self- abuse. I asked for help from angels and the appropriate healing aspects of my higher self to come support her. At first she was reluctant. Wouldn’t you be?? Slowly, very slowly, she allowed herself to be comforted while I did a lot of healing on all the other internal emotive parts that showed up around this – the shame, the anger, the blame, etc. I also cut all the cords to all the people that I had connected with through this self-abuse. I released all inherited issues and beliefs (from my biological family, cultural group and soul family) that were tied to it also. I asked for help in releasing any similar energy I might have picked up from my parents or siblings or loved ones in order to help them. Then I disconnected from the aspects of the human mass consciousness with the same energy so I could make sure I was dealing only with my own stuff. I also was hyperaware of my inner thoughts, correcting myself each and every time I began to even think something negative or judgmental towards myself.
Over the course of 2 days and nights my visions showed me how she began to allow me to hold her and talk to her. She began to show up as more healed and more outgoing. Her hair grew and her clothing mended. This is how my visions show me that inner stuck emotions and beliefs heal.
Finally at a birthday lunch the day after my actual birthday she showed herself to my friend (all my friends are psychic) then to me. She was taller, a little older, dressed in a beautiful pink dress with a ribbon in her hair. There was a tall gorgeous, radiant angel with her. She gave me a bouquet of flowers and thanked me. Then she integrated.
My heart and my energy field expanded. I had no idea how restricted it had been since I have experienced MANY expansions over the years. I was then able to help my friend with an activation she needed and have since found it easy to freely offer assistance to others when my guidance asked me to. I feel lighter and freer than I have in a long time (ok maybe ever in this life).  I have more optimism.  There have been other developments since then but I will write about them in future blogs.
One of the neatest things is that I got to help one of my favorite clients with a part of her that was very similar today. Isn’t it great how that happens??!!!
Wednesday, 23 December 2009 09:27

Addressing Fear in a Different Way

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 After some beautiful and intense inner shifting last week, wherein I once again committed to expanding my awareness of myself as my ‘true’ or higher self, I went into some equally intense fear of how that would affect my every day physical life. I thought I was being guided to do something I do not want to do (move across the country).
My usual way of dealing with this would be to imagine walking into the fear, shining love or embracing it until it integrated. I felt too overwhelmed this time so I tried something else that seemed to work perfectly.
Each time I found myself worrying or panicking about what I thought I was being guided to do, I imagined connecting with the bright, expanding, heart centered inner light that is me. Since I am clairvoyant I could see it. I also let myself feel and sense the energy of that inner light, then I allowed the light to expand throughout my systems.
After a few seconds of imagining this re-connection, I felt calmer and my mind would stop the endless circling around what I did not want. Each time worry crops up I contract inside and then block whatever the most appropriate flow of energy is for me or wherever it might lead me. After reconnecting with my inner light, I felt myself relaxing and opening more, allowing the energy to flow once again.
I have no idea if I will be moving or not but right now it is not in my highest and best interest to focus on it. I am focusing on my expanding inner light, myself as my higher self and my internal intuitive guidance for TODAY!!
Saturday, 26 December 2009 09:26

More Proof of Change

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So much change is going on within me that I haven’t even begin to describe it all in these blogs.  One of the things I like is proof that these inner changes are making a difference in my every day life. There is a part of me that would like this proof to be financial abundance, a mate and nourishing community.  None of that has shown up in my life yet BUT my own reactions are much calmer and more peaceful. I have hope that will lead to enjoying life thoroughly no matter how it turns out.

Today when I was trying to purchase some books using my ATM card it was denied, twice.  I didn’t have any cash on me and I don’t own any credit cards.  Instead of getting  angry or embarassed I just told the clerk I would have to come back another time and went to my  bank. I didn’t notice any fear either.  It turns out there were two other people in the branch having the same problem, as it was the bank’s fault.  Now I still have to wait for a new card and find my check book to pay for things but there is nothing wrong with my account.

I reacted VERY differently than I used to.  I didn’t blame anyone, I didn’t yell at anyone, I didn’t try to force my will on anyone. I was calm, accepting and took appropriate action. I am loving myself right now!!

Wednesday, 30 December 2009 09:25

Then..... Acceptance

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 First I had to redefine surrender as receptivity so I could soften and allow.
Then a very deep lovely wave of feminine divine energy rose up within me, suffusing every thought, every cell and every emotion in everywhere and when I exist. We are all integrating some layer of this depending on our level of openness and receptivity.
Then waves of fear and ego made their presence known, strongly resisting the reconnection with this new level of divinity within. I worked with them for almost an entire day before I found the inner calm again.
Today lots of tears with more clearing of old beliefs and expectations so I could connect with the energy stream of abundance and move energetically into ease for 2010.
THEN, acceptance. – Acceptance of how things have gone, of what has actually occurred in my life, and of all the experiences I have endured up to this point as being perfect. It is perfect because if it could have been different for me it would have been. I have also been shown how some of the harshest most hurtful events were created to support maximum spiritual growth for me. Complete (or as complete as it can be given my state at the moment) acceptance is allowing the energy to flow freely, full of vitality and joy. Plus I am calm again and able to write easily.
How is this affecting my every day life (after all that is the focus of these blogs)?
Well today I had a bad headache building until I could get to the acceptance energy, then it stopped. My client today went through a very illuminating process to move into abundance and 2010 energy and helping her through it helped me relax and lift my vibration also. 
During transitions I tend to be much more vulnerable to the energies around me and this time it was no different. Earlier in the day I had to go to the bank and was triggered by or picked up a bunch of generalized fear energy from the tellers. It was so strong I had to take a shower to release it. I forgot to check in with my guidance about attending a dinner I was invited to and when I got there I was irritated with the hostess, someone I love dearly, and negatively impacted by her friend’s energy. Normally I would shake that off, but I couldn’t do it while I was there because of the processing I have been doing. I have wanted to go to the movie theaters since last Tuesday but each day receive the intuitive guidance not to (so I won’t be around so much energy from other people that is not nurturing to me OR from the movies themselves). I haven’t spent too much time with anyone since this process began percolating and I was very dissatisfied with being alone so much until today’s acceptance portion of the processing happened.
As this process began I was intuitively guided to begin a quilt using funny cat fabric that I have been collecting for years, even though I also got the quilt is going to be for someone else. I don’t usually make bed or lap quilts because I just don’t like them (I make quilted wall art) but this time I am. Sewing helps me focus completely on right now and keeps my mind from whirling around too much.
I was also guided to release all my paints and some jewelry-making and knitting supplies within the past week. Guess what? Through a very synchronistic set of events it almost ALL went to people teaching at risk kids – very cool. The timing was perfect (and divinely guided).
When I was in the resistance phase I ate a lot of food, beyond what was comfortable, and ate a lot of food that negatively affects (ie food I am allergic to or lots of sugar, which is like eating poison for me) my body. I was caught in the grip of my addictive behavior around food and could not make myself stop until I was able to address the fears about this next level of being. Thereafter, I have been able to get back to eating in a way that supports me (rather than hurts me).
I had a thought last week that if I stopped using my ATM card and actually used cash I would probably stick to my budget better. The next day my ATM card stopped working!!!! There was some glitch with the banks computers and it got taken care of pretty quickly but wow!!
Right now I am sitting here very calm and content, not beating myself up about anything, with no plans for the rest of the day, open to my intuitive guidance. That is how I have been affected so far.
Thursday, 31 December 2009 09:04

Healing the Wounded Inner Guardian/Ego

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My resisting ego showed up this morning as a hurt, arrogant male energy fighting for his survival.  First his energy interfered with some processing I was in the middle of last night ( I had to just stop and do something else), then he took form and talked to me in my dreams last night, then he showed up in meditation this morning.

He was hurt and angry that I was trying to push him aside.  This part of me felt it had done me great service with all the protecting and holding on to ideals.  I thanked him profusely for his service to me.  I then reminded him that I am not trying to kill him, just balance him with softness, wisdom, intuition and heart.  I also reminded him how hard he works to stay vigilant and we looked at how battle weary he has become (even his armor is dented and tarnished, with pieces missing) trying to hold on to territory that clearly isn’t helping me at all.  Wouldn’t he like a health upgrade so he is stronger and can enjoy life more?  Then we reviewed many scenes of my physical life that have been harsh and looked at what all the inner conflict has created in my life and in my body.  He agreed to change, calmed down and allowed more integration.

He got bigger in my vision and began glowing.  His body healed its wounds and even his hair changed from straggly grey to thick, curly dark brown. His armor kind of dissolved and he turned golden.  Then he integrated into the beautiful divine feminine energy that I uncovered within me over the weekend. Beautiful.  The process that was interrupted by this part of me is continuing.

Note:  I am aware that I am referring to an inner emotional part of me.  Those parts show up intuitively as fully developed personalities in my meditations and spiritual work.  Sometimes they are inner children, sometimes they are one dimensional grown-ups.  They are often hurt or weak or dirty or undeveloped looking until they begin to heal and integrate.

Thursday, 31 December 2009 09:01

Triggering Healing

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I get triggered by all sorts of events, places and people. Triggered means that some inner emotion or energy is activated or pushed to show itself -usually because it is time for healing.

On Tuesday night I went to a dinner with a friend and someone else she had invited triggered me big time with her neediness, illnesses and sticky energy (a bit of ’save me’ kind of energy). I was triggered because I have had (and may still have) that SAME energy within me – the desire for someone else to save me – but ALSO because I have been going through a rather amazing transformation this week that is leading to a much more integrated and fulfilled me. I also know it is going to change my life a lot once it is fully integrated.

So the tricky, fearful ego (and the very smart higher self) used this woman’s neediness and illnesses and my reaction to her energy as an opening to both take in some of her attachments (nasty bug looking energy) and to bring up or uncover another pocket of an old frequency that needed healing in order to move into the new integrated being of me. My pattern is that when I am afraid of moving ‘forward’ in my spiritual growth I find some way to bring up old energy that interferes with smooth, easy transformation. It also makes sure that I am thorough in my integrating so it goes faster (remember, faster is hardly ever easier).

My reaction was that I didn’t sleep well Tuesday night and yesterday I was irritated and angry at store clerks, things did not go smoothly for me with a bank transaction (I actually had to leave the bank and go to another branch) and I began eating out of control. I intuitively got that it was due to my reaction to the woman the night before and took steps to clear what I might have picked up BUT I didn’t see or was not aware of how this was used to bring up some old energy that was within me. So I didn’t address that until last night. Once it cleared I was able to allow my current process to continue – until my inner damaged protector showed up to resist (and he integrated this am (see blog 1 for today for that story).

I made sure to bless that woman and my friend for their role in helping me with the next step in my healing.

Friday, 08 January 2010 09:00

Being Honest About my Fear

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OK I admit it. I am terrified. No matter how much processing, sitting with it, re-parenting, breathing, meditating, distracting or imagining I do, I am still terrified. I have comforted myself with the reminder that every choice I make tends to be for deep spiritual growth even when I am not aware of it, and I am still terrified.

My ego (the inner judge and blamer) tells me that no one will want to work with me if I admit that I am terrified about what is happening to me financially so I have been trying to either not talk/write about it or be very positive when I do. The truth is even gifted healers and intuitives have their own stuff to deal with. I hit a wall last night and all I can do right now is admit it.

I know I am one of the luckier ones because in 2 months when I have no more money I can sell or give everything away and go live in my friend’s ashram. It is not what I want to do or where I want to live geographically, but it is available. At least I have a place to go to and a working car to get me there.

I have done everything I have been intuitive guided to do (that I was aware of), I have worked on this fear for a year, I have consistently and constantly looked for a job, I have marketed my business, I am doing my best to give of both my time and my money so I am not so constricted energetically and still not enough money comes to me and I am not in a situation where I am supported by others for my physical comforts (i.e. no family, no community, etc). I do believe that had I been more frugal these past few years I might have still had enough money for about 4 more months, but that could just be me judging myself and I can’t do anything about it right now anyway. It is done.

How is it that I can be so powerful and gifted as a healer and intuitive for everyone else but can’t create what I need in the physical world? Although even as I write that part of me reminds me that up to now I have been ok (perhaps not getting what I want but definitely what I need). It is only the reality of my bank account and the math that tells me the money running out that has me terrified. I want to be more in the now and not worry about the future but we are talking a month and a half.That might as well be now.

So today – more walking to drain off some of this excess energy and more inner work to break the stranglehold of whatever is blocking me from functioning more adeptly in the physical world OR whatever keeps me from accepting that this is perfect and all will be well even if I end up with only a few small appliances and some cloths in an ashram.

But I am asking for help. I am asking for supportive prayers and healing energy from all who read this. May I find a way to connect with my inner abundance and find a way to create that in the physical world. May whatever growth I am generating from this be quick (MUCH quicker) so that I can shift this energy.

Monday, 18 January 2010 08:45

Roller Coaster Respite

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SHEW!! The emotional, energetic and psychic roller coaster seems to have slowed down some. I can now write again.

I tried a lot of avenues to calm down since last Friday and want to share them with you as well as my observations and realizations, in case any of this can help you.

Here’s what I did: I signed up for many websites that will publish articles and pay something or advertise my services, I joined a bunch of surveys-for-cash websites (don’t – I only made $20 in 4 days and they won't give you cash until you get to $30 on one site -10 months later still haven't gotten there), I contacted a couple of websites that have online psychics to get the process started to do that for income, I applied for about 15 full time office jobs and with one staffing agency, I participated in a worldwide holographic healing call with Reggi Shelley (now called Jade Phoenix), I worked with gifted healer Linda White Dove, I got some advice from another healer, I used cold medicine to sleep when the brain wouldn’t shut up (I had a cold but I rarely use cold medicine, this time I did), I did my best not to complain too much, I ate soup from a can just to make my life easier (instead of eating homemade, healthier soup), and I participated in a beautiful meditation last night. I tried to write but mostly I just expressed my anger, panic and sadness. I watched funny you tube clips. I did not force myself to walk. I really, really, really appreciated all the incredible support I received from friends and email buddies and Facebook networkers. I let myself absorb that to the depths of my beingness.

The results? Well I am calmer and more grounded. I allowed a lot of healing of my first and 2nd chakras so I can ground to the physical world better. After a lot of back and forth during which I had it all planned out how I would sell or give away most of what I owned (including my beloved furry companion, Panther) to move across the country and stay in an ashram, I remembered that there must be something I get to choose and decided and declared that I am staying in Encinitas and put down deeper roots here. I loved up the fears over and over. I was finally able to raise my vibration enough to allow higher aspects of me to do some amazing healing and reassuring last night (and I felt it in my body).I recognized that some piece of my ego was on the verge of balancing but was crabbily holding on to one last piece of something that needed to shift, no doubt some last illusion of control. That was the source of the immense panic (the money situation is just a symptom and a distraction).

The conscious shift began last night and is almost complete. I still am not aware of any clear intuitive guidance as to what to do and my choices have not panned out. So I am still stumped but I am not panicked like I was last Friday. Some part of me really must have needed to blame myself and the higher, more evolved, aspects must have really wanted to trigger a certain level of energy/understanding in all sorts of other people.

After sharing my blog last Friday describing my disappointment and fears I received a lot of feedback. A few people were magnificent and compassionate in their responses and offers of support. Others, well, let’s just say NOT!!! I am sure I triggered their own fears but I was saddened at some of the things that were written and said to me (some by my closest friends). Then I was shocked that I responded with so much pain but I had a lot of pain crying out for healing anyway so I am now grateful for the extra ‘help’ in going deeper. BLESS YOU ALL!!! I mean it from my heart.

Because I have said some of these things to myself and I KNOW some of you have said them to yourselves I am listing all the different ways I attracted blaming and abusive energy and comments, with the caveat that I am now clear that I have made no mistakes and I was not wrong or a bad person because of any choices I made:

  • You blocked yourself all year from finding a job; you were frantic all year and it blocked you from finding a job
  • You have to give up your dream and come back to reality.
  • I told you to look here or there for a job but you didn’t do it.
  • Maybe now you will get off your ass and hustle more to find a job. (!!)
  • I knew you were just running out your money out and nothing could come of anything you did last year (and now you have to give up your dream, etc).
  • You really didn’t put enough energy into looking for a job and now that you don’t have any money you will be forced to really focus on it.
  • You are trying to do the wrong thing.
  • You are using the wrong words when you speak of yourself and your situation and should change.
  • The signs were there that what you were doing was wrong, you should have paid attention better.

What I said to myself when the pain was the greatest: I am a failure. Why did I ever leave my secure job to pursue spiritual growth if it was going to lead back to needing a full time job? How can I trust my intuition if following it seems to always be wrong (in hindsight)? Maybe I should just go live in an ashram and serve the head guru since I can’t seem to make it in the world.

I have no idea how any of this is going to play out. I am aware that since I have committed to intense spiritual growth in a human body that my higher self will always guide me to the path with the most growth (I will write more about this in another article) so this could just be a step along that path. I sometimes wish I could ‘fit in’ better so my poor ego could be assuaged a little bit rather than feel like it is being forced to lose or give up all the time. I also wish my ego and the inner pain would heal gentler and easier! LOL!!

But today, I just hope that I provide the opportunity for clear intuitive guidance as to how to allow myself to be supported comfortably in the physical world in Encinitas, CA.

Monday, 18 January 2010 08:43

Timing is Everything Or Stop Pushing

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I have been struggling for over a week to write some articles.  I wanted to write a channeled one and several others to submit to various websites and ezines.  I wanted to write more blogs describing all the incredible changes I am going through in order to share with everyone, and it HAS been incredible this past week.  I definitely stepped into a whole new phase of existence in this human body.

However, all I managed to write was two blogs – one talking about my deep panic about money that turned to actually be about fear of ‘moving’ forward in my spiritual evolution and the other one about some of the techniques I used to abate the fear and a small portion of what I had learned about it.  I sat down tonight to write about a cool discovery I made on how to know a core aspect of our personal  nature but it was like grinding gears to get the words to come out.

It just isn’t time yet.  Like my art projects, writing cannot be pushed either.   I was in a space of incredible inner silence and complete fulfillment on Saturday (which I hope to write about soon).  I wanted to capture that in an art piece.  I pulled all the fabric out and tried to get an idea of the arrangement and just ended up with a headache.  I went outside and sat in the sun in contemplative sacredness.  The entire completed project popped into my head about an hour later.  Writing is the same – I get guided to write when the time is right.  When I am not listening or following my guidance it is like grinding gears or nothing comes out.

There is a lot going on and I haven’t sorted it out yet.  I don’t know how to explain clearly the leap in consciousness I took this past week.  Nothing I would write would be complete because I haven’t completed my integration of all the changes.  For someone who is pretty conscious about changes and likes to know what is going on as it happens, this is new.  But I am accepting that at this level of being things are different.  I can see some of the results – my readings/healing sessions are stronger than ever, I am letting go of a lot of art supplies (!), I am spending less time on the computer, I am not enjoying the same kinds of books I used to, I have slowed down a lot, I am more patient (THE BEST RESULT EVER), and I am MUCH calmer about my money situation.  I cannot spend any time complaining about anything or contemplating anything I used to worry about.  I also don’t seem to be able to veer even slightly away from being in alignment with my higher self or I get bad headaches or other body symptoms. But I will write more about all of this some other time.

Right now I am accepting that integration and rest time is needed. Sometimes I don’t get to know what is happening exactly while it is happening, if at all.  I have moved to a new level of trusting and accepting and self-responsibility.

Sunday, 24 January 2010 08:42

Funny Moments in Spiritual Healing

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Isn’t it funny what we do to ourselves?

For years I have had issues with giving.  I love to do it yet I have also used it as a way to try to get other people to like me or accept me or pretend they do.  Then I would get resentful that I was giving an not getting anything back.  I worked on my issues about needing so much, about the leftover emotions from being born to parents who were incredibly selfish, about re-creating that in every romantic relationship, about cultural fears that created the inner desire to be needed and to always have material things to give,  and about loving myself enough to believe people can like and support me without me giving away all my money or things to them.

I realized recently that I am basically a giving person at the core and have been trying to get back to enjoying it for all of this life (and perhaps many other lives too).  I want to be able to share lovingly from a place of knowing that all my needs are always met and that I am thoroughly loved.  It is the very thing that seems to be at the core of most of the issues that I have been healing during my spiritual awakening journey.  It makes sense to me.  Why wouldn’t a grand awakening to my authentic self involve healing everything that kept me from knowing something that is very true to my inner core self?

Well, I discovered something that made me go aha.  I also thought it was rather amusing.  Here I want to give from joy yet I have a lot of damage around feeling fulfilled enough to even know joy.  THEN I realized that I have had too much hurt to allow myself to receive anything.  So, in the past,  I haven’t been able to receive any love or support EVEN if it is offered because of old fears about what obligations or pain might come on top of whatever is offered.  Sometimes even now I don’t allow myself to accept or feel support, from friends or god.

So I want to give but feel empty and resentful because I feel unfulfilled and want others to help fill me up. BUT I don’t allow myself to receive.  GEEZ!!  Talk about being between a rock and a hard place

I imagine I have done this for many inner core issues but the learning to receive has been up very strong for me recently so it is freshest in my mind.  So I suggest for everyone reading this – if you have struggled with the same issue or pattern for years, try looking at it from another perspective or the other side of the coin.  You may find your block in an unexpected place within you.

I am happy that I am allowing a very deep healing with these issues.  One of my deepest desires is to belong and participate in a loving community.  I know healing the receiving and giving issue will go a long way to make that comfortable for me!!

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