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Wednesday, 17 March 2010 18:38

Deep Compassion As Part of My Spiritual Mastery

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 Have you ever gone deep within your heart to tap into your most potent connection with your source/soul/higher self to pray with great compassion for another human being?  More importantly, have you done it to pray for someone who you believe has wronged, betrayed, judged, angered or hurt you?

I have.  I did it yesterday as a matter of fact. I became very angry at a client who I extended the courtesy of working with prior to paying for a few sessions because he had been so prompt in paying for previous sessions.  He not only refused to pay but indicated that no spiritual/energy work was done because he couldn’t see all the improvements he wanted in his every day physical body and life.
Putting aside all the reasons why he isn’t allowing the changes to filter into his awareness and how this might be another lesson in making sure people always pay ahead of time (even if they have been previous customers), I am embarrassed to say that I reacted with anger. I felt cheated, invalidated and self-doubtful.  I even posted something on facebook to vent my anger and, quite frankly, get some sympathy.  Within half an hour I removed it because I didn’t want that energy on my profile.
I followed my shame into myself to heal it and to calm down.  I was intuitively guided to remember that everything that happens to me is an opportunity for growth and that I participated in some way.  I became aware of how some of my money issues were beginning to crop up and my anger at something this client had posted on his facebook colored one of my interactions with him (and clouded my energy a bit).  I also was guided to do a very lovely healing on some of my remaining prejudices towards others who hate my religious culture (as this man has indicated on his facebook page).  Additionally, I allowed more healing on the money issues that were beginning to show up again.
As I became clearer and more grounded I could be more objective about the whole event.  I knew I wanted to do more than just thank this man’s higher self for his help in bringing up so much for me to heal.
So in my visualization I walked into my heart.  I allowed the swelling of love to infuse through me and radiate out. I then began praying for him. In the middle of the prayer I received more information about the circumstances around his choices and I was able to open my heart even more to him.  I was also able to see some aspects of his higher self and his heart responding beautifully to my prayers.  I was touched to the core and was easily moved beyond any negative thought or emotion and even went deeper into trusting I will be taken care of financially no matter what it looks like on a particular day.
This was a sacred and moving experience for me. I was uplifted through praying for another person who was not thinking the best of me.  I cannot tell you how happy and grateful I am for this opportunity.
Earlier in my life I would have ranted and raved and held on to negative emotions for a long time, constricting my heart and energies more and more.  I know that never effects the other person, it only hurts me.  I also know I have evolved too much to be comfortable carrying that energy around for any length of time (even an hour).
Sometimes I doubt my growth and I feel I have so much more to do how can I possibly believe anything has changed.  This experience has shown me a more realistic side of my spiritual evolution; that indeed I am embracing my mastery thoroughly and emphatically.
Saturday, 20 March 2010 18:34

Oh The Places We Will Go

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It doesn’t matter if you are committed to spiritual mastery, becoming a better person or developing your intuition, you will need to be flexible in what you might need to do to get ‘there’, wherever YOUR there is.

I chose spiritual mastery – comittment to remembering and living as the spiritual master I AM, the god being in a human body  (we all are, I am just choosing that conscious path). Letting go of duality and ego control has taken me to some very dark, low and some high, joyful places.  I am more balanced now but am embarking on a journey that is giving me the opportunity to address some deeply held fears and sadness, and to let go of more ego attachments.

I am writing about it so you will know that owning our own mastery does not mean we do everything according to some perfection standard we make up in our heads, or that others try to impose upon us.  It just means we own who we truly are and strive to live with/in/from that knowing every day.

I was guided to join a recovery program for my food addiction.  I have worked for years and years and years to heal all sorts of inner blocks and emotional damage to open up to my god-being more and more.  I live by my intuition in just about every aspect of my life except around food.  I was hoping all the metaphsycal reasons for the addiction would be healed and by some miracle the addiction would go away.  I certainly have tried changing over and over and over.  It is about 50-60% better than it was 6 years ago (and I am a lot lighter physically as a result),  but not healed and I give it too much power over me. I am learning to approach it the same way I have any other healing I have experienced – I am taking my power back, accepting myself completely and making different choices.

In the one week I have been going to meetings I have found a list of ways my ego is still in control of my emotions and behaviors. So I am embracing the shame that I was led to a recovery program (see- another ego judgment that I am bad for needing to go to this kind of program) and learning that progress not perfection is the goal. Not unlike living as a spiritual master!!

Sunday, 21 March 2010 18:33

Living, Learning, Growing

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 Whew!!  I finally opened/expanded after a few days of constricting.  Because the ‘norm’ for me is to be in an expanded state of being it hurts physically and psychically now for me to constrict.

I got triggered by something on either Wed night or Thursday morn and have been struggling with it ever since.  I felt worse and worse as the time went on.  The panic coming up was so bad on Thursday I actually made an appointment with a temporary staffing agency to work for an organization back in an office as a manager or assistant manager – something I know for sure is NOT right for me.  My head interpreted the panic as money stuff so I applied for a bunch of jobs and called the agency.  I remember even being confused about it because just a few days prior my intuitive direction was so clear about how money was going to come to me and I felt so taken care of and trusting. What did I do to change it so fast?

I didn’t get any answers because t the panic was so strong and my gut started churning. A wonderful energy healer helped me feel better on Friday morning but because I was determined to stick to a schedule I set up during all this constriction I didn’t give it enough time to actually open up, only to feel slightly  better.  Then my shoulder started hurting and got worse and worse because the muscles in my back were tightening up.

God took care of my schedule and it was miraculously cleared except for what I really needed to do AND two clients booked sessions for that day. I asked for a sign during my discussion with the healer and I got it right away (the sign that it was ok to cancel the appt. with the temp agencies- I think two unexpected sessions booked back to back was a sign).

I was guided to stay away from people/stores etc yesterday (Sat) and I did, but I didn’t feel much better.  I walked in the sunshine and asked for help and guidance.  I did feel a bit better then but I don’t remember consciously getting any guidance. I tried channeling and meditating – nothing helped.  I kept asking to be cleared of anyone else’s energy, and that didn’t help either.  I totally forgot to ask to be detached from humanity’s shifting and the earth’s energy – sometimes that helps.

FINALLY – this morning I woke waay too early (another symptom when I am closed down is not sleeping properly) and asked again for help.  I asked for help in healing physically from the pain. I asked the healing aspects of the white brotherhood and AA Raphael for help.  I asked my guides and higher self for help with the crankiness and feeling out of sorts (I still hadn’t realized I was still constricted in any way).  I was told to go back to bed. finally some clear direction!!!  Once there I psychically walked in to the pain and felt it begin to dissipate.

I also felt myself begin to open up.  I saw the places that had been closed down.  Hard to tell if I closed down that much or just felt closed down because this layer was ready to open. Then I fell asleep. I awoke with no pain, a bit groggy (like a lot of work was done) and in a  completely different mood.

It turns out there was a shift that I was resisting.  I believe it has been coming for about a week but actually began to manifest last Wed.   All these other symptoms showed up because those are the way I process resistance these days.  It shows up as money,health or food issues and indecision, shoulder and stomach pain.  I also tend to spend more time with other needy or codependent people. Yet when I was in the middle of it I couldn’t get it to ease, I had to let it play out.

Now I am a bit drained from the drama because I am not used to this much drama any more either.  I am very grateful to be through it and to have had the help I did.

 I am having an incredibly growthful time.  The past week my higher self has been working over time to help me change my perspective in many ways.  I am thrilled that these shifts do seem to be MUCH gentler than the way I usually shift.

I want to share two specific circumstances with you.  You can see if there is something in your life or something you are holding on to that might benefit from a slight change in perspective.

1.  Letting go of looking at the negative – esp when looking at the past. I met a woman last week who doesn’t dwell on the past at all.  She doesn’t let anything that happened before limit her future or her present moment.  She was delightful and insightful. I know I had a lovely opening by being in her presence both because I learned so much from her and because of her positive attitude.

I was a bit overwhelmed with how much I changed as a result of that meeting.  When I was trying to explain how I felt to a friend, the friend took the opportunity to really blast me because I wasn’t able to explain myself clearly – she felt I wasn’t understanding how important the visit had been to my growth or she got impatient with my fumbling around with it.  Then she proceeded to dump some other opinions on me about my behvior , moods, and conversations, all involving me needing to change the way I judge others, speak and my mood in general. She didn’t lie in what she said, she was just incredibly harsh and determined to say what she felt she needed to say without any real conversation about it. It was difficult to hear because I was already still vulnerable and overwhelmed from the internal processing going on.

I was angry at first, and for most of the day.  But I was lovingly guided by my intuition to view my friend’s conversation as another step in preparing me for the deep shift I did the next day.  I saw this nudging to the next level of processing (really to complete the process that  began earlier in the week) just came from another aspect of god showing up as my friend, as if she was intuitively guided to say what she did.  I might not have paid attention if it came to me just as intuitive knowledge. That change in perspective allowed me to  relax and let go of any anger or resentment at my friend as if it never occurred.     She played her role in my life at that moment beautifully.

The big shift was a release of old resentment and bitterness at how I have been treated in this life and about all the things/events/ circumstances and people I either didn’t get to experience or had to let go of during my spiritual evolution. The shock of how my friend talked to me and what she said helped make it happen sooner (always my choice).  Without all that old stuff it is easier for me to believe in all sorts of possibilities for me  and to allow manifestation of wonders in my life.

2. Change in how I view taking care of myself -  I have been guided to a recovery program for food addiction and needed to come up with a plan to follow each day.  I was seeing it as a punishment even though I chose to do this and even though in the almost 3 weeks I have been in the program I have grown by leaps and bounds.  Someone made a suggestion that changed everything.  She suggested I change the title to a Plan of Loving Kindness.  Isn’t that something???  I relaxed as soon as I began thinking of it that way.  I felt happier and all the inner resistance danced away.

I am happy with my willingness to pay attention, stay open and change my attitude/perspective when I get stuck or blocked.

Sunday, 04 April 2010 18:28

Intuitive Guidance Doesn't Always Explain

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 I get to have some of the most interesting experiences following my intuition.  I have been particularly blessed lately with meeting new people who have brought so much richness to my growth.  I enjoy and treasure the ever-increasing happiness I am finding by my continued spiritual evolution.  But I LOVE (and am very entertained by) the out of this world magical visions that come when big shifts occur and when I am around other spiritual masters who are very open.

I met a master healer recently and experienced support in healing on all levels.  He recommended some vitamins, herbs and healing techniques based on his knowledge and intuitive feedback from my body and higher self.  He also did some craniosacral healing for my body.  The fun part came when we started working with our higher selves to clear/heal energy with and for each other.
I helped to clear some implants within him and to realign/recalibrate some of his integrating energy.  Please note a spiritual surgeon (a spiritual being who is a surgeon) showed up to do the actual work, I only facilitated it.  The healer also asked me to channel a lot of information about various life cycles of existence plus some other interesting stuff that I usually don’t think about, as well as the ‘normal’ stuff people ask about when they meet a psychic.
This healer helped me clear some old imprints and agreements that have been limiting me, especially an old lifetime (before Lemuria) where I decided I needed to sacrifice myself to hold part of the earth together during a cataclysmic explosion to try to save a group of people.  My soul was shattered while some part of me held on to some dark energy that caused the explosion, and the rest of me has been governed by some of the old ways of being in that society (isolationist, not wanting to mingle with the ‘real’ physical world, etc).  That is the extremely short version of the story.  This is a theme I have had over and over in many lifetimes and in many dreams in this lifetime. It was quite an involved process to heal this and to release some of the old energy of it, as well as participate in healing some of that energy on a global level. We also addressed an old vow that I swear I have released over and over of obedience, chastity and poverty.  YUCK!!  I sure hope that one finally releases.
It was an incredible healing session that I am still recovering from two days later.  It was very intense for both of us because we both tend to be people who open completely and whole heartedly, allowing healing as deep as it can go and were excited to be around someone else who would/could do the same. I released a lot of fear (so much that three separate times in 2 hours I thought I was going to pass out from the intensity of it), changed a lot of energetic DNA and re-integrated a lot of pieces of my soul.  I also released a lot of ‘darker’ (or lower vibration) energy that was caught deep inside of me from that lifetime and reconnected with the energy I work in – the divine pink vibration.  I am sure a lot of new understanding will come from this as time goes on.  Right now I am being kind to myself as I continue integrating and shifting from all of this.
The lesson in all of this for me is to continue following my intuitive guidance even when I do not understand it or cannot imagine what the outcome will be.  I met this healer when I posted a request on a yahoo group for local holistic events, healers, classes etc.  I was looking to trade my healing facilitation services for a massage. I love massages and I need them now that I am back making art (I make fabric art – lots of sewing and hunched shoulders).  This person responded.  I thought it was a woman and called to make an appointment.  When I realized he was male, I almost cancelled because I have not been impressed by too many men calling themselves master healers. The when I saw where he lived I almost turned around and went back home, because he lives in an apartment complex that looks like it is for homeless people and I was not comfortable with that.    Then when I sat down to talk to him and he was talking about vitamins and herbs I once again thought I made a mistake.  Each time I thought any of this, my higher self directed me to  stay, be open and allow.  So I did.
I am so glad I did not let my judgment and fear get in the way of me following my intuitive guidance.  And the funny thing is I never received a massage at all.

I write these blogs to show my spiritual growth and how it affects my every day life – how I integrate, the changes I see as a result, how steadily I am getting happier and how my spiritual mastery unfolds more and more.

So today – I am experiencing a lot of fear.  It is clear that one of the great growth factors for me, right now,  is the need to serve – to help in some way that is sane and balanced.  In other words, where I take care of myself and I serve others.  I do not know yet how that service will show up in my life since I am too afraid to allow it.

I have had many lifetimes where my need to serve caused me to sacrifice myself and other lifetimes where my need to take care of myself caused me to be quite resentful and selfish.  In this life, I have teetered back and forth between the two.  Right now I am being guided to serve more and a lot of fear is making itself known. All my fears of being sacrificed, used and miserable are up strong; plus I am sad that I have not healed this even though I get to visit this issue a lot.  I know I had a rather intense experience with clearing some painful old energy and emotions around this issue just this past Friday (see previous blog) and that is why it is still up strong.   Knowing doesn’t mitigate the intensity of the feelings.  Additionally, since I am no longer using food to numb out, I am feeling it all – I have no distractions at all. UGH!!

All I can feel is that if I follow this intuitive call to serve I will end up homeless, penniless and used up. My mind can tell you that is extreme and rather dramatic but my emotions/ego still go there.   I am praying, meditating, doing the energy work to love and transform this fear and old belief pattern.  But for now, that is what is going on with me.

Just to show you how funny God can be, I switched phone companies on Friday morning and now I have terrible sounds coming through the phone.  I don’t hear them but the person on the other end does. The  phone company says they will check on it  and let me know within 48 hours if they need to come out to the house to fix it – maybe that will be this week, maybe not.  So ever since this issue became strong in my energy field for healing I have not been able to have any conversations with clients – so no business (except for one brave and kind soul who put up with it).  Of course, that just triggers the fears EVEN MORE!!  I must REALLY want to heal this once and for all!!!!

Friday, 09 April 2010 18:25

Evolving Each Day

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 What an amazingly growthful week this has been for me (for the earth too but I am focused on me in this blog).  I am appreciating the opportunity to really heal so many behavioral, emotional and thought patterns.

Earlier in the week I got to visit some deep fears (see previous blogs).  Yesterday I got to wrestle with the part of me that is extremely self-critical, self-judging and self-abusive. Picture an internal part of me with a whip, constantly beating myself up.  OWCH!!

Sometimes I spend time loving whatever is coming up or handing it over to god.  This felt like I needed to visit with it for awhile to let it come up, or show up, fully.  It didn’t feel good and felt very heavy, as if it wasn’t quite ready to heal but was doing it anyway.  It took all day to release and today I feel kind of hungover and very tired from all the shifting.   I am planning a light, easy day (we will see if my higher self agrees).

On the other hand I am more relaxed about my life and some of the details over which I was worrying. I feel more compassionate in general and certainly more loving towards myself.  My work with others seems to be much easier and more powerful.  I can feel optimism welling up again.

I have no idea how it will affect me in the long run but I am very happy to be healing this part of me. It blocked me from truly appreciating being in existence and from being calm and lighthearted about everything I do.  These old patterns also blocked me from enthusiastically saying yes to each next step my higher self leads me to.  That is kind of contradictory to my commitment to spiritual mastery.  Now I am viewing myself and others through the energy of love and self-acceptance.  It is different – softer and more relaxed and a whole lot more tolerant.  Spiritual evolution at its best!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010 18:24

Just Here Now

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 I am having a wonderfully calm, peaceful, optimistic, aware day.It comes after several weeks of intense shifting, but that is usually how it is. The difference is that I am enjoying it fully.  I am not making myself busy, I am not nagging myself to go for a walk or exercise in some other way, I am not trying to think of places I can go just to get out of the house.  I am enjoying the day.  it is sunny and the birds are expressing their joy loudly and the wind is ruffling the trees.  Everything is very green and perky.

I got caught up in someone else’s money fears yesterday and got out of them within hours and was able to help someone move into a more aligned energy place, where she could more fully embrace her higher purpose in this life.  It was a beautiful and moving session with very clear goddess guidance.  I love those sessions.

I am finding a deeper sense of self-acceptance which is leading to greater acceptance and compassion for others.  A lovely side benefit is this inner peace, calm and joy.  I am really enjoying this part of my spiritual evolutionary path.

I appreciate all the work and contrast that occurred for me to be able to enjoy now.

Saturday, 17 April 2010 18:22

Guidance to Alignment

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 We always get plenty of opportunity to make changes in the direction of alignment with our higher self.  It is our choice as to how the opportunity shows up and if we actually realign.

I have noticed that the guidance to do that often begins very gently, maybe a whisper of an idea.  Then it gets stronger, perhaps all kinds of synchronicities occur and/or certain things in our life just go away.  Then it gets a lot stronger, sometimes hardship or physical discomfort.    Maybe I see that in my clients and the people around me (in person and online) because it has been that way with me and I notice that which is like me. It is hard to tell.

Also, aligning with our higher self shows up in all areas of our life, financial, relationships, self-talk, physical, etc.   It doesn’t just effect some esoteric beliefs or conscious awareness of ourselves as god.

I was watching a dvd on Thursday night and all of a sudden found myself unable to watch anymore.  I turned it off and thought I was tired.  But what happened is that my higher self wanted to have a talk with me. Usually when my higher self wants me to do something different I gradually become aware of it or I just do it, then wonder afterwards what is going on.  Not this time.  I heard a very firm  voice talk to me that night.   I also know that I had been resisting this guidance for a little while, even going to sleep a few days before when it was trying to come through stronger.

And what did it say?  Did it share more magic from the universe?  Did it give me insight into more earth changes?  NO, it was very practical and direct (and loud!!). It told me to stop eating meat products – no chicken, no ground turkey,  no eggs, no butter and no cheese. A few times a week I can have some fish.    I have been guided and attracted to vegan eating for over 7 years but have not had the internal emotional maturity to stick with it because part of the way I was still limiting myself is by allowing my addiction to certain foods and the effects they had on me emotionally control me.  I even allowed a genetic tendency towards diabetes become a reality because of this.

So when you hear a voice strongly in your head telling in no uncertain terms to change something, you change.  Or at least I did.  This part of me told me some other things too that I needed to change to be able to handle the increase in clientele that I have already co-created.  It was all very practical but tied to the spiritual evolution I have been experiencing recently.  But the way this information came to me was so different I paid attention and acted on it right away.  I am thrilled that I have grown enough that I didn’t have to create any more physical distress to ‘get’ it.

Thursday, 22 April 2010 18:20

Contented Way of Being

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I am experiencing some personal changes in an interesting way.  In the past two days I have had the privilege of assisting two friends through pivotal shifts.  However, during each of their shifts I too have been worked on.  I am not sure I have noticed that before.  I know when I work with my monk friend it happens but then she is a very high vibration, and there is no way it cannot.  But now it is happening with me.

Additionally, a week ago I listened to my higher self as it emphatically told me to stop eating meat products.  So now I am detoxing too but I think it is helping my vibration raise more.  My intuitive guidance tells me that there is less resistance in the body to the shifting I am experiencing so it seems to be happening faster.

On two different days this week I basically spent most of the day by myself (other than walking and running to the library) AND, drum roll, I didn’t beat myself up about it or push myself to do anything more.  I am just being – too many changes are occurring for me to do anything else.  Somehow the days are being filled up. Between all the new vegan and raw foods recipes I am trying and all the pro bono work I have been guided to do and the clients, I am busy.  It is a lovely busy though, just enough so I am not too bored but not too much to make me crazy.  I can no longer run from one thing to another.  Everything is mindful or it is stressful.  I kind of like living this way. I am content with myself more times than not.  It is a pleasure to say that and to live it.  I APPRECIATE this state of being immensely.

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