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Sunday, 25 April 2010 18:12

Spiritual Evolution -slightly different

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Spiritual growth comes the ways we allow it.  If we close off one way, it shows up some other way. Sometimes we have to approach various parts or phases of it from many different ways at the same time.

Mine often comes with beautiful and exciting visualizations, information, and discernible energy shifting.  I had some of that this week (see my yahoo group for my description of a beautiful integration of a higher aspect of me while working with someone else– down2earthspritstff on yahoogroups.com) This past week it has also come via eating differently and some emotional work done for a program in which I am participating, both of which I was guided to do by my intuition. (This is what I call practical spiritual stuff.)

I switched to vegan eating a little over a week ago.  Not just vegan but about 80% raw with hardly any fruit and no grains (I will eventually begin sprouting them).  I have been amazed at myself at how I just did it considering I have been guided to do this for about 7 years and couldn’t stick with it.  But the time is now, so it is happening.

I have been detoxing since about the 4th day, which is not pleasant but it is informative.  It means my body reeeeaaaaaaally needed this change, to give it a break physically and to help it catch up with the energy shifts the rest of me already went through.  I have already noticed that I generally feel better, even though I cannot put my finger on exactly what is better physically.  However, in my spiritual work there is a greater clarity and ease that is noticeable.  I move quicker into the higher vibration needed to support my clients with their healing choices, and, more importantly, I am staying in that higher vibration longer because my body isn’t fighting off the effects of harsh, and sometimes toxic, food that it doesn’t want or need.

Additionally, either as part of this detox or as part of some emotional inventory work I am doing, I tapped into some deep hurt I had not healed yet.  It is hurt I have visited before but now I am approaching it on a much deeper level.  How can I tell?  Because today when I woke up I felt much lighter after all the emotional flow that happened yesterday when I tapped into the hurt.  I feel as if I opened a door to a place where I had stuffed a bunch of that hurt while trying to believe it didn’t matter or was already healed.

You know how our higher selves are – we are put in situations where we get to learn or heal, if we choose, and where the people we interact with usually participate in that healing in some way.  So I had help in opening the door to this deep hurt by an insensitive and controlling family member who so brilliantly (and easily) triggered some deep feelings of non-acceptance and invalidation.  I also was helped by an acquaintance innocently asking how someone could get to be my age and not have experienced something that I keep thinking I desperately want to experience (life with a mate/partner). It just wasn’t part of her reality so she couldn’t understand it.

I am reminded that if I didn’t have this stuff to heal no one would be triggering me. After all the emotions released I was able to embrace that thought easier (LOL!!) and bless that family member and acquaintance for the role played in all of this.  I also realized that anything I am using as a focus for holding on to old emotions is just a distraction.  If I didn’t already have a belief that I needed something outside of me in order for me to be acceptable or loved or whole, none of the expectations or desires would matter.  For instance, if I accepted myself totally as I am I wouldn’t still have the belief that I need to please anyone else in order to survive or be happy, yet I still have some of that I struggle with. There are a lot more examples but I plan to write them up in another blog.

I am aware of the more practical nature of this phase in my spiritual evolution because of my experiences this week with my reactions to my change in eating and my emotional work done while following my intuitive guidance.  I did not know what would result from following that guidance, but I have enough experience to follow any intuitive guidance that comes to me this strongly.  I am pleased with myself and my growth.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010 18:09

Manifesting Finally

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 All the inner preparation we do for creating and manifesting in the outer world DOES pay off.  We just have to remember that the timing is not up to us and that sometimes we also have to heal and integrate a lot that we are unaware of at the time we start our intentions.
The next phase my service to others seems to be developing.  Yesterday I sat down to allow information about possible classes to be developed. I was sure I had no idea what to do but several people over the past month or two have mentioned the idea so I decided to pay attention.  I prayed before going to bed for help in following my guidance on this and the next day I sat at the keyboard and rather flippantly told my inner being to let it flow.  I wasn’t prepared to do any ‘work’ to develop class ideas or descriptions because I didn’t want to ‘make’ it happen, I wanted it to flow easily.  I actually stayed out of my own way and the titles poured out in about 2 seconds with the descriptions following pretty quickly.  That is usually a sign that I am ready to teach and that, perhaps, others need the information.
{ At the moment I am planning on offering classes in the northern coastal San Diego County area and Thousand oaks (45 minutes north of LA,) in California.  I will also be offering one or two monthly channeled Spiritual Evolution Integration Processes via teleconferencing that will support all the participants in doing what is necessary to open and reconnect to their higher vibrational selves.  The information will be on Facebook, this blog and my yahoo group as soon as I know it, and then added to the website.}
I also got a part time job yesterday.  I have been agonizing about getting one for over a year because of my financial status.  In December I began a concentrated effort to bring greater financial abundance into the physical world.  Slowly my business has picked up, too slow for my comfort. I wanted a part time job to help supplement my income but I didn’t want to dilute my focus on my spiritual healing or from my own business.  So I prayed a lot and tried to follow my intuitive guidance about which jobs to apply for and when to apply.
So this past Monday I applied to a bunch of jobs not really paying close attention to them.  If they seemed like I could do them, I applied.  I didn’t spend a lot of time or effort or expend a lot of worry. Again it felt rather flippant – I guess I healed more than I thought or I am sure I wouldn’t have been so carefree about it.  I received a call from one of the emailed resumes on Monday afternoon, interviewed and was hired on Tuesday.
My first immediate reaction was one of doubt and worry that I might be screwing up what I truly want to do by spending so much time with a job but I bundled up all the worry and anxiety and turned it over to God. I am ready for the contrast of financial abundance to begin.
I am trying to balance the practical needs of an every day life in the physical world with my spiritual healing – all part of deep integration.
This job is perfectly situated in the day to give me time to walk, meditate and write in the morning and to work with clients or conduct classes in the evenings and on weekends.  I only mention this because the guidance to structure my life like this began a few months ago, and now I have a job that supports that too.  Isn’t it beautiful how it all came together?
I see all of these developing circumstances as the result of much work with myself to become more positive and to expect and appreciate the wonder of manifesting from joy rather than hopelessness/helplessness.  I also know the intense spiritual healing and integration I have allowed has made all the difference in how I approach all of this.  It is my intention that the practical reality of spiritual integration continues to expand my abundance on all levels in the physical world as well as my spiritual mastery while I am in this human body in this life.  I wish the same for all of you too.
Sunday, 02 May 2010 18:04

Manifesting Perfectly for Ourselves

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 Things are moving faster these days. As you expand your awareness of who you truly are, or raise your vibration for higher dimensional living, you manifest faster too, primarily because you have less resistance or underlying limiting beliefs.  While this is occurring, your manifestations come into alignment with the highest good of all and sometimes that highest good does not match what your brain is still telling you that you want, either with the timing, the volume, the exact way it looks or how it comes about. Also, commitments you have made to yourself and the remaining internal beliefs direct the course of the manifestation, even when you are not aware of them.
I know this is a great source of frustration to many but if you think of it as a training ground preparing you for when you have no impediment to creating from your thoughts, you might enjoy it or, at the very least, understand it better.
Think about it.  You don’t want to be creating chaos and destruction when you get mad, or pain for someone else because you are projecting your own inner neediness on to them.  So as you heal yourself of these illusory limitations (blocks from consciously knowing your oneness with god) you clear out space to manifest quickly from your thoughts.  It is why you can manifest small things easier than the bigger, emotionally fraught things, like parking spaces or new shoes or finding the perfect kitchen tool when you need it.
Let me give you an example from my life.  I looked for a job for over a year but I was awash in resentment, anger and fear about it because I really wanted to earn money from doing something I was passionate about and I treasure the freedom that comes from owning my own business.  I assumed I would not find a job I would like and I would have to completely give up my spiritual business. The fear became so great and was affecting me badly that I just couldn’t live with it.   I then spent a lot of time focusing on healing my money fears especially where they were tied to my self-worth and bringing all the wonderful spiritual/energy changes into my physical life.  I went through a very intense acceleration of some inner healing and integrating.
So here we have many reasons the timing was not what I (my ego/brain) wanted – my limiting beliefs about how I wanted to earn an income, some desperately needed healing of money and self-worth issues, and to spur me on through the next few steps in my spiritual evolution. My trust level has increased tremendously about being taken care of in the physical world; either through inspired action or just plain old every day miracles. I would say I got a lot out of the whole situation even though it wasn’t what I wanted or the way I wanted to manifest.
My commitment is to live as the highest and best version of me in the body.  That means my higher self (or some call it inner being) uses every opportunity to help me align with this version of me.   Your commitment to yourself might be different and your experiences will then be different.
What happened is that I got a job just about exactly when I truly needed it, not before.  Now someone else might be angry that he/she had to use up almost all of his/her savings before a job manifested, but those ‘rules’ most people tend to live by, about money and many other things, don’t matter to me.  One of the greatest gifts of this whole situation is that with the greater integration of my higher self into the physical existence I am free of the shackles of others’ expectations, including the ones I assimilated.
Or at least I am free-er, I will discover more as I go along in life.  I am grateful for all the internal shifts that occurred because of this whole situation.  My higher self truly does know better than my ego and I thank god/my higher self that manifesting for me happens in a way that is perfect for me.
Sunday, 02 May 2010 18:01

Reminders About Allowing the Shift

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 I recently had a very abrupt reminder of how ascension symptoms can crop up.

I came home from my first day on the job in such excruciating pain and so dead tired all I could do was lay down.  Let me tell you, I was scared.  I called friends to ask for their help and I  asked for help on a yahoogroup, where I got a lot of advice about stretching and office ergonomics rather than any real intuitive help.  I thought I was not going to be able to continue with the job because my body couldn’t handle sitting all day.

I was in such fear that I forgot one of the basic tenets of this ascension process we are going through -that is if we are shifting some deeply held fears  or  if there is a lot of  resistance, it will hurt!!!!    It has to come out some way and through the body (rather than emotionally or shifting energy) is often painful.

I received some help discovering the reasons for the pain from a very intuitive friend. bless her.  One of the reasons was left over fear from when I had a full time job where I was treated horribly.  Part of me had not let go of that completely and it was triggered by taking this new job in an office.  I had been trying to avoid that when I was looking for a job.  The second reason was I still had a belief that if I took this job  it would take my focus away from what I am passionate about, which is assisting others along their spiritual evolutionary path, and I would be stuck doing jobs I don’t care about the rest of my life.  I know, kind of dramatic but it was there.

Once I was able to identify what was going on I was able to allow the flow of healing to be easier and my body pains went away within hours.  Seriously, I was a new person by the end of the second day!!! I am even able to relax about the job and how much time it takes out of my day!!

It was a good example of the practical application of all this spiritual shifting.  I was reminded of all of the following:

  • that it doesn’t matter how I earn money, my connection to my true self is always there;
  • that I am taken care of financially at all times even if I can’t see how and even if it doesn’t happen the way I think it should;
  • that my mind can’t figure everything out ;
  • that my filters and fears can get in the way of my intuitive guidance;
  • that I don’t always get to know everything ahead of time (for an intuitive this can be annoying);
  • that as long as my passion is aligned with my highest and best good, it will be dominate in my life no matter what else is happening.

As soon as I was able to relax and allow the fears to be blessed and heal, all sorts of new business came my way and some wonderful new ideas were presented to help me spread the word out about new possible classes and the upcoming teleconferences.  I am sooooo grateful for the incredible positive changes in my life.

My choice and my commitment have been to live for my highest and best good.  I have tried to make each choice from that perspective, until recently.  I chose to take a part time job that I knew was not in my highest and best good because I could not heal the inner stress caused by scarcity issues that were showing up as very low income.

And the job looks perfect – hours are good, people are supportive and funny, I laugh a lot, the boss is very laid back, dress is casual, the supervision is hands off enough to be comfortable, I get to talk to people all day, it is close to home, I have no real responsibility and it doesn’t require a lot of effort or intelligence.  It seems like the perfect part time job to augment my income while I continue to focus on my true passion – my business and my art.

However, it is not in my highest and best interest.  It could be because I attracted this job from the energy of desperation so the vibration has been too low since then (and nothing works when attracted from desperation) It could be because I need to learn to trust without getting a job.  It could be I am not ready to be around that many people (in person or on the phone) and I cannot keep my energy vibrations high or clean.  It doesn’t matter why, it just is not in my highest and best interest to be there and that is enough.

The shock of doing something day after day that is not in my highest and best interest after years of choosing to do just that is taking its toll.  I am tired all the time.  It takes effort to raise my vibration at the end of each day. I found myself slipping back into some hopelessness energy.  I can’t muster up any passion for what makes my heart sing.

I know I need to leave this job and now I am allowing healing for the scarcity issues that demanded I obtain it in the first place.  Although I definitely trust more than I did a few weeks ago, it is still a hard call to decide to follow the highest good rather than the more practical path of supplementing my burgeoning business with a part time job (which MANY people do).   I also want to make sure it is not my disappointment that is driving me to this decision – disappointment that my business is taking so long to take off (as I know it is going to) or that I had to get a job for which I have no passion, something I swore I would never do again but DID!!

The truth, as I know it, is once we get to a certain vibrational level of living we cannot stand to be around lower vibrations for too long and the vibration of this job is lower than I am comfortable with. So I am handling this with a lot of prayer and sitting with my intuition until the timing becomes clear.  I am also embracing and loving all my scarcity issues in all their forms. I am also appreciating the contrast in vibration as I know that will spur me to choose activities and relationships with matching vibrations to mine.

Sunday, 16 May 2010 17:57

Letting Things Be Easy

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For as long as I can remember I have been whining that I want the transitions due to my spiritual evolution to be easier.  I have prayed, asked and demanded.  I chose over and over to release all the drama.  Now that I have a very obvious example, I am resisting!!!

As I have written before I have a part time job now and much about the job is perfect. It sure fits the list of what I wanted in a part time job, especially the amount of income I earn from it.   However, it puts me right smack in the middle of lower vibrational energy for 5 hours a day (it was 6 hours but I reduced it), 5 days a week. I have been receiving messages clearly and distinctly for over a week to give notice but I haven’t been able to do it because I am afraid that I cannot create the necessary additional income (or more) with my own business or that I can find another part time job that will be at a vibration high enough for me to be comfortable.

I have been struggling with following these intuitive messages because they are just declarative sentences (and because I don’t trust my manifesting skills).  I haven’t felt the rush of the need to change nor do I hate the job.  I get along with everyone there and the job keeps me busy, some parts of it are actually fun.  In short, there is no drama about it.  When there has been drama I respond fast but I have been sitting with this even though the messages are strong.

On Thursday the pressure to quit was turned up.  A new person was hired who is very loud.  Then another one was interviewed who may be hired who wears very strong perfume which I am allergic to.  Both things can be remedied with loving conversation but it is obvious the circumstances are becoming less and less comfortable, not to mention that I am finding myself a bit more irritated each day at being there.   So I guess this is where my resistance is creating an increase in the drama that I have been familiar with.

I have also been exploring my inner self to be sure that the messages to quit were not coming from my ego not wanting to work this kind of job but all I can find is that the lower vibration energy is harsh on me. This is a clear example where the practical, every-day choice is conflicting with higher dimensional living.

So here I have been asking for it to be easy and now that it is, I am resisting.  There has not been any drama around the need to quit; it simply isn’t the right energy for me.  What a lovely example of how things can be and a beautiful lesson for me.  And I am quitting on Monday.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010 17:44

Are you trying to distract yourself?

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I use all sorts of patterns to distract me from what is really going in inside of me.  If fear is coming up I might pretend to get out of control with my eating habits, or obsess about money or what my business is (or may not be) doing.  Lately I have been distracting myself by focusing on the lower vibration energy of the job I took to ease my money worries.

Yes, it would be in my highest and best interest to not be in such a place each day yet my highest and best interest was clashing with the very practical need to attract enough money to live in this physical world comfortably RIGHT NOW.  The truth is it was a simple decision to stick with the job or leave it but I was blowing it out of proportion because of some intense fear that I thought was about the job interfering with my passion – assisting people in their spiritual awakening and being able to continue my own intense spiritual evolution.

I had a big breakthrough on Saturday that once again made me realize that much of the ‘stuff’ I was going through over the past month or so was in reaction to some pretty intense fear of what my next level of spiritual awakening might bring and had nothing to do with the job at all.  I was reminded of a particular process to address whatever fear is coming up without needing to know the details while working with two clients.  It makes it easier to process through the fears.  Isn’t it wonderful how my clients can teach me and remind me of who I am and what I already know while I am assisting them?

While using that process I was able to embrace and address the fears that have been so strong within me and move through them.  I then moved into a deeper awareness of my true self and integrated more of my true or higher self into my consciousness and body.  It was only then that I came to know that the struggles over the past month have been in reaction to this fear that wanted to heal.

I woke up in peace today.  Yesterday I woke up still processing, but today I am calmer and more peaceful.  I have chosen to stay with the part time job for now and I am moving forward with offering classes locally while researching how to do it online.  Everything seems effortless after I am able to stop resisting the natural flow of my spiritual evolution.

Monday, 11 October 2010 16:59

Revisiting Trust

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Sometimes your higher self nudges you to do things or make choices that are perfect for your spiritual growth but may seem very scary or disappointing for your every day life if you are not in an accepting or trusting place.  

Today I launched a new website but the day my web designer mentioned changing it to take advantage of new software that allows me a greater degree of control I stressed out so badly my body shut down for a day or two.  It felt right, I really wanted it but the opportunity hit the same day I had to pay rent, the same day the last little bit of money came in to be ABLE to pay rent.  I wasn't sure if I could afford to pay to change my site.

But I am committed to trusting in the midst of fear when my intuitive guidance is so strong.  So I now have a redesigned, beautiful website that reflects me better AND the money came from a cleaning job and a donation by a fabulous friend.  I also know I needed this redo in order to handle the future of my business.

There are times I am guided to cancel a trip or distance from an acquaintance or take a part time job I really don't want.  I do it because the guidance seems strong.  Usually there is a second reason that is not obvious.  It is true that I will be able to make changes faster and it is also true that the energy of my website needed to change and will carry me through the next level of my business.  BUT more than that, it was a great exercise in healing some deep fear around money.  The jobs have given me money when I need it and they have also helped to bring up other issues that need addressing (different ones with each job).

So back to trusting.


Monday, 31 May 2010 01:00

maintaining my integrity and vibration

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In order to counteract the effects a job is having on my energy, and to heal some issues around scarcity that are up, I go to the beach every day and pray with the ocean energy.  I live about 4 blocks as the crow flies from the beach anyway but somehow actually being at the beach and seeing the ocean makes a difference.

First I sit quietly as my body relaxes and my psyche begins to respond, then I expand my awareness to interact with the consciousness of the ocean herself.  My vibration raises and it becomes much easier to commune with my higher self/soul.  The combination of feeling my higher self easier with the ocean energy is fabulous.  This energy soothes me everywhere I am jagged, fills in all the holes, and reassures the worries/anxieties/fears. I am fully present.  It is amazing how calming and relaxing that is.

I am grateful for this support.  I am finding the constant nearness of such lower vibration energies kind of grates on me.  It is, however, doing a beautiful job of triggering every single emotion/energy within me that has not completely moved into the higher frequencies.

Monday, 31 May 2010 01:00

it is worth it

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Tonight I sit here in total awe and gratitude for god and me. I am in touch with satisfaction, calmness, inner peace and joy.  At this moment I accept myself EXACTLY as I am.  I think it is a miracle because:

I am still bigger than most say I should be (in spite of releasing 60 lbs over the years).

I am older than most think is attractive.

My body doesn’t conform to what is considered attractive either.

I dress for comfort, not for fitting in.

I am poorer than most say is comfortable.

I am more unconventional in my spiritual beliefs than most say is appropriate.

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