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Hi there, I might actually be coming into the present times with technology by finally starting a blog. However, I cannot figure out the editing so this will be rough for a while until I do.

I was going to do a newsletter but decided that was too stuffy. I like things fluid and it gives you, the reader a chance to respond to me.

Things are interesting right now aren’t they? Lots of movement, some of which is not so comfortable. Those of us who are wayshowers are tired and out of sync with others who are just beginning their spiritual ascension. The thing to remember right now is to be true to yourself.

I took a part-time job last September to help bring money in and for fun. I lost sight of that purpose and began to attach to the job, worrying about how much money I was making, the internal politics, what fed my ego etc. I gave up on the spiritual growth ’stuff’ , thinking I could make a life working retail and teaching jewelry-making since I love art. I made myself smaller and smaller to fit.

After a month of being sick, I have finally let go of that attachment. Boy do I feel free. Sorry I allowed myself to get sick to make me do that but sometimes I still have to do things the hard way.

I plan on quitting soon and taking the month of April to visit family and friends. I am also planning on getting to know me again. It is easier to say keep the faith than it is to do it. Find ways to support yourself. Let your spirit soar.

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