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practical stuff has to be addressed too

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It is not always comfortable or pleasing where my intuition guides me.  Sometimes I ignore it for years because I just don’t want to do what my higher self tells me.  However, as we all know, if you ignore it too long things get worse and worse until you have to pay attention.

I spent last year looking for a job.  I knew I needed more income but I didn’t want to start another business that I was going to have to work my butt off with and have it go nowhere.  See the inherent assumptions there? I finally got a job and within a week my intuition tried to push me out because it was not the right thing for me – it wasn’t a good match for me energetically or with my purpose here on earth.

God spoke to me through a few other people with a suggestion for a second business for me, over the past year and a half.  As I wrote earlier, I didn’t want to do it.  Then a few weeks ago it came to me AGAIN through someone who barely knew me.  This time I finally listened.  I woke up two mornings later with the business name and put an ad on Craigs list.  I got clients right away – before I even had time to think of what I would charge or what my time or physical boundaries would be.   Now I am swamped and struggling with balancing my schedule.  It happened easily and I have been blessed with some clients who are enthusiastic about my skills, and who pay promptly and with integrity.  It was the right thing at the right time, manifested without any resistance.

It fits with something I recently read by Celia Fenn – that it is time to address the physical stuff.  After all we live in a physical world and our bodies and physical comfort are an intrinsic part of who we are. We still are evolving into more global creatures and I am still committed to full integration of my higher self  (at least as much as is possible) while in this human body but part of that integration involves embracing ascension in the physical form too.  So I am learning how to balance assisting others spiritually while engaging in some very grounded work (very physical and requiring a lot of coordination/organizational skills) to augment my income.  It is not the kind of work I would have chosen on my own as it is not the work that makes my heart sing, which is also why I resisted.

However, it is exactly what I have been guided to do and I am being fully supported spiritually while doing it.  I appreciate that tremendously.  I am also being shown so many reasons why it is perfect for me right now.  I am finding that all the physical hard work calms my mind down and I am plenty of opportunity to see how much I have changed as I interact with new people without judgment or impatience. It has actually been a lovely surprise to me to notice that.  Additionally, the work earns steady money and I am learning some new things with one of my clients – always a good thing for me.  It is the kind of work where I am tired when I am done and I can see results immediately, which is satisfying.  It is also another service business and the people I work with really need the help.   I like that.  I like being my own boss and treasure the freedom I have with my schedule.

I appreciate the universe’s answer to a lot of the energy I was putting out.  I am aware this new business does not  make my heart sing but it does address a lot of factors that work for me. I am also finding now that I have listened to my higher self in this one area, all sorts of other things are falling into place with my spiritual business and growth.

I am still dealing with some emotional response that feels quite similar to shock, at least that is the best way I can describe it.   It could be the speed at which this occurred, or the fact that I did not really work hard to get it going, or that it is not what I truly want but I know it is exactly right.  I am not sure why yet.  I haven’t dissected it.  I am just living with it day by day and being very clear and deliberate about handing it all over to God each moment of the day.   Staying present, trusting that I will be guided in a direction that is for my highest and best good each and every day.  A new way to live but it is calmer and more serene than it used to be.  I needed it and I appreciate and embrace it.

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