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Opportunites for Growth

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Your higher self will use ANYTHING to help you awaken to your infinite potential – body pain, relationship drama, loss of income (or potential loss), etc. Yes, it can be through joy and awareness too but if you are resisting or in fear, it shows up a different way. The easiest way to handle it is to be aware of the pattern and relax into it as quickly as possible. Look at your life, where is your main focus of worry or what recurring patterns of fear are there?

If I am resisting change or not in alignment with my highest good my income usually drops dramatically and immediately. If there is something I don’t want to look at or am afraid of I eat a lot or I eat food that is unhealthy for me. I have a friend who gets certain specific kinds of body pains as soon as she is in resistance to whatever is the next perfect direction for her to take. Another friend gets hit in her main relationship. We don’t even talk about what is going on the surface of our lives when these kinds of things happen; we delve into where the resistance or fear is.

This week after someone cancelled, at almost the last minute, a job that I thought I desperately needed in order to have enough money to pay May’s rent, I spent a lot of time doing inner healing. This was after someone else had already cancelled a different appointment (although not at the last minute) so I was very shaken by it all. After a few hours of tantruming (yes, I still do that even though I know better), I decided something must need to change because this was so obviously a sign of something being awry.

I loved up the desperation because I have been guided for a few years towards believing and trusting that I will be taken care of financially (I am not there yet), I surrendered the reigns of control through needing it to look a certain way this week, and I dropped all cords attached to anyone I wanted to meet my needs. I also (AGAIN!!) worked on my deep inner beliefs that I have to be poor to be very spiritual and that I cannot have the deep intense inner shifts while also working so hard in the physical world. I had to allow some help from my spiritual team to heal my first reaction that I did something wrong the week before when all the drama around this week’s income began. I imagined relaxing and allowing the flow of my infinite, higher vibrational self to be easier and I, once again, aligned with the energy of comfort and ease in my physical life.   It was a lot of inner allowing and some work.

The next day someone called for me to work a very long, but lucrative, day. While I was doing that someone else called for a healing session. Today someone else called to schedule a healing session.

I am glad I allowed it to resolve so quickly and I am thrilled at the deeper level of trust within me.  

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