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Funny Game we Play

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We get so worked up over playing the game.   A game we CHOOSE to play. For instance:

  • Even though the rules can be rather rigid we are always making rebellious choices in the hopes they will bend for us just this time.
  • Each game is a series of choices with consequences, nothing more. Yet we can get so emotionally involved we forget to enjoy the game.
  • Sometimes the game requires tedious step by step planning, choosing and acting to get to where we want to go.
  • Sometimes we make a choice we think will lead to one outcome and, because of the rules, the game sort of takes over and all the pieces fall into place easily but differently than we expect.
  • Sometimes because of shortsightedness or confusion or emotional interference we make choices that clog up the game and we have to back track or even start all over.
  • Sometimes we have guidance we can use to make the next choice in the form of hints and sometimes we ignore those hints because we can’t figure out how they will help us get to where we want, and we don’t have the faith needed to just take the next step.
  • And sometimes we forget the bigger picture and get caught up in trying to line everything up just right only to find out that particular alignment got us nowhere.

What game? Well I was referring to the online card game called Free Cell but doesn’t that pretty much describe the game of Life? And isn’t it so fun that the universe gives us so many ways of telling us to lighten up and have fun playing?

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