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Party Time

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You know what? It is time to celebrate you. Let’s show how much you love and accept all of yourself by having a huge party. WOO HOO!!

Let’s introduce all the parts of you that have been pretending to be separate and alone, ok? We're going to invite the money making part to join with the soul expanding and growing part. I invited the part of you that already knows you are in perfect health and the part of you that has done such a good job of activating the challenges that have helped you grow. Who else? Oh yes, how about inviting all the magnificent parts you have been hiding from even yourself? Let's also inviting your lovely heart energy to join us, after all this party is taking place in your heart. I am inviting the shy parts, the cautious parts, the parts pretending to be hopeless, the part that knows you are loved and that you are open to loving. We can invite the nurturing parts and the needy parts, the insecure parts and the protector parts, and the disbelieving part and the all-knowing part (well that part is always there, it will just be more obvious now). Please, make sure the invitations go to every single emotional part created from every trauma and triumph you have ever experienced.

OOOH, this is so much fun. Let all of these parts meet each other. Surprise!! They already know each other, they just forgot that. I love seeing and feeling all those parts mix it up. Feel the energy rise now as they all relax and begin to enjoy themselves. Can you tell what is happening? They are remembering how alive and energizing it is to be connected to each other. If you are really paying attention you will notice how relaxed and allowing every part is becoming. Wait – are they disappearing? NOOOO they are just laughingly and lovingly integrating. YAHOO!! You are SO strong now, so allowing and so open. Great Party.

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