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Simple - matching vibrations

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This awakening process we are all experiencing is something isn’t it? All kinds of interesting things are happening to us while we shift, such as random body pains, changing tastes in food and all sorts of entertainment, perhaps even fatigue and energy surges. You may also find that certain acquaintances or friends just kind of fade away or you no longer are drawn to them. Well, another side effect is that you may need to change your support system – your doctor, massage therapist, dental hygienist, chiropractor, bank, or grocery store.

I recently had to stop seeing a chiropractor who has been kind enough to trade my marketing and business skills for his chiropractic skills. I like him a lot and I have been thrilled with the trade. He really helped me the first 6 months or so I saw him. I really have been sort of resisting changing emotionally but my body stopped allowing any restorative care about 9 months ago. My body responded if something went out in my back or neck and needed immediate re-aligning but no long term restorative measures were being allowed (certain parts of my spine just stopped responding). I didn’t want to stop seeing him because it is such a comfort to have someone I can trade with to help my body and I am afraid I won’t find it again. I do not yet earn enough money to pay for that kind of support on a continuous basis. I kept trying to find out why from my intuition, putting off the inevitable, until I finally (and VERY clearly) heard that our vibrations no longer match and I need to stop going.

It is just that simple. It has nothing to do with the distance from my home to his office, his chiropractic skills, any part of me not wanting to get better, or anything else I was trying to make the problem.   I have changed so much our vibrations no longer match and as I am being guided to do only that which matches my vibration or supports it. I have to stop seeing this particular chiropractor.

I am learning to accept this simple concept and to be at peace with not being able to explain it to most people.

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