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The true me is emerging more and more

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Out of all the intensity this week one beautiful thing has emerged for me – a greater acceptance and appreciation of, and security in, ME. That means the energy within me has changed that attracts people who feel the need to correct me, use me, project their anger on to me, demand obedience from me, or need me to build up their egos or enable them. Of course it also means I no longer need to do or allow any of this for any reason, including fear of losing a job, a friend or support.

I am now able to objectively look at how much of my interactions with others have been governed by that inner fear of being alone, not being loved, not having income, doing something wrong and then getting hurt (but not knowing it would be wrong before I did it), etc. You could say this was all learned in an abusive childhood or I brought it all in with me through parents who just reinforced it. Either way, it seems that another layer of it is gone.

With that a few more friends seem to have faded away – or at least it feels that way right now. I am also able to react a little more calmly to people who feel the need to correct me or control me. I am actually amused (and appalled) at how many of those people are in my life. But then, if that is my energy doesn’t it makes sense?

So I am spending a lot of time alone these days, integrating and expanding, providing energetic and emotional space for new acquaintances and friends who are also embracing their true joyful selves.


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