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Aligning with your higher purpose

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So what is your overriding purpose in this life? You will know it by how you feel when you are in it and by how easily circumstances, events and people support you doing it.

My purpose here on earth is spiritual growth. It overrides and overshadows every decision, action, reaction and circumstance. I know there are those who have said we are all here to grow but that seems to be my human purpose, my higher purpose, and my underlying governing purpose - to the exclusion of everything else.

That means if I get too comfortable in a home or a relationship or a job, something happens to shake things up. It is not an easy way to live, however, when I can remember that this is my purpose I handle everything else so much easier.

I have been resisting and resenting my recent move from my own apartment to renting a room and a bath in someone’s home. I now know that my higher self has been communicating with me to move since late last fall as I was not growing by staying in the same apartment, doing the same things over and over. At first I thought I was moving to another state but soon found out that wasn’t true. I resisted moving inland, away from the ocean, to a smaller place or living with someone else and got angrier and angrier about it until my financial and health circumstances forced this kind of arrangement.

Remember, if you don’t pay attention to the gentle nudging it becomes much harsher until you take action. So one day (yes, on the same day) I fell and broke my arm and my rental agreement was terminated so my landlord could renovate (and raise the rent substantially). I couldn’t work much, couldn’t pay the bills, and had to move. I am sorry it took so much emotional and physical pain to get me to take a different action and to push me into allowing help but it worked.

That is how you know you are in alignment with your higher purpose and higher self - things just flow. Some wonderful people helped me out financially and with food. The right place showed up within a week, the right people packed me up, put my stuff in storage, moved me and unpacked me. It was the easiest move I have ever made.

Of course, some part of me still wasn’t happy about it. Huge parts of me have been in denial and doing their best to absent themselves from my presence. That means I have been feeling bad emotionally and physically for a few weeks. Yesterday I surrendered and brought me all back together again. I feel so much better. Once I re-oriented to my purpose – constant, deep expansion and ascension – the inner peace returned.

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