Sunday, 16 September 2012 16:57

Finding and Honoring Myself

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I am slowly learning more and more about who I am in this long drawn out ascension process. As I release all the shoulds and energy of others I discover what is underneath – the real me. Or at least the real me right now. Today I know I do not like even the idea of ever working in an office or any kind of 9 to 5/full time job ever again. I like having a variety of income producing experiences. I like having time in my day to do intense energy work if I want or to wander to the beach if I am called. I enjoy short intense bursts of times with certain clients as I assist them in packing, organizing, bookkeeping, marketing or facilitating spiritual/energetic healing.

This is important for me to fully accept and embrace because I have experienced money lack in the past and continue to look for jobs to mitigate the possibility of that ever happening again, as advised by well-meaning acquaintances. However, I can no longer even make myself apply to any job that is full time even though I am qualified. It is not part of my life path at this time and I am honoring that.

Living as a 5th or 6th dimensional being still needing to find comfort and support in a mostly 3rd dimensional world takes a lot of balancing and allowing. Honoring myself and my energy is my priority in this balancing act. The rest is just details.

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