Monday, 01 October 2012 20:48

Gentler Shifting

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“Your car is gone!!” Those are the first words I heard at 7:45 this morning when my roommate got back from walking her daughter’s dog. She said my car wasn’t in my numbered parking spot. I hurriedly got dressed to go out and check for myself with my strong memory of parking in the correct spot confusing me and making me entertain, just for a minute, the notion that someone stole my car.

I heard words of reassurance in my head and felt the knowing that all was fine, but that didn’t stop the panic from rising up, causing an uncontrollable shaking deep within. The shaking didn’t stop for a long while after I made sure the car was fine, just parked in the wrong spot (only 2 numbered spots away). I even heard that she is usually wrong don’t pay any attention to her fear or her words. It didn’t matter. The fear within me was so strong that nothing else could quell it. So I just let it flow. Eventually I was able to breathe into it, imagining a bright loving light expanding from within it as I relaxed to let the fear dissipate.

I guess the fear needed releasing, huh?? Tonight I allowed a very deep releasing of an energy anchor that was a place holder for all kinds of limitations (short version). Without letting the fear of this change heal first tonight’s shift would have been very difficult. So it had nothing to do with the fear of having no car or financial means to replace it, and everything to do with fear of my next phase of beingness. I am SoooOOO glad I am being more gentle with myself during these shifts.

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