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When it is right - it is very clear

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Two days ago I found the exact right place for me to live. When I talked to the homeowner on the phone I knew it. When I went to look at the place, there was no hesitation even though there are a lot of details to still work out. I didn’t even think about it. I just said I would love to live there. Each time the slightest negative thought or worry popped in my head it went right out. Just goes to show – when it is right, when we are in perfect alignment with our higher selves – it is very clear.

I had spent a month looking for a place, whining about how come it wasn’t easy to find like it was in June. Well I listened to someone else’s well-meaning comments that were totally based in fear, I kept trying to make a place right that wasn’t, and all my fears around the incredible downloads and inner shifts were focused on the way I was handling the search. I forgot that I am always guided and provided for.

When I walked into the perfect place I actually had a worry that something was wrong because it was so easy. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for and there was a time when I could have found a lot wrong (like I have to share a bathroom for the first time in 32 years). However, it was as if my higher self was in total control. I even found people to move me that are affordable. It took one phone call.

This whole experience has been a lovely reminder of how things can be in higher dimensional living IF I ALLOW IT.

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