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Catching Up Can Be Fun!!

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I bet your brain has not caught up with the shift in energy. I know mine hasn’t. I know I have released enough, healed enough, integrated enough and expanded enough that my life is just going to flow. Even when unexpected (to my mind) things happen, they will be resolved easily and comfortably as long as I don’t hold on to how I think they should flow. Yet, I noticed I sometimes still worry, a leftover from the old energy of me.

I was lying in bed Sunday night worrying about the leak in my car, doing my best to surrender the anxiety/worry about paying to fix it and figuring out how to get to work, when I heard very clearly (intuitively) that all would be ok with my car, no need to worry and it would be proven to me very soon. Now in all the years I have been doing intuitive energy work for myself and others I have never heard that something would be proven soon. So it relaxed me and I was able to sleep.

The next day after cleaning a house and being very tired I still felt the need to take my car back to the same mechanic who just worked on it for 3 weeks (parts problems) to see if the leak had anything to do with that work. He was so caring. He inspected everything, topped off the transmission fluid and oil, cleaned the whole thing up and didn’t even charge me. It turns out the oil leak I have had for a year and a half got worse but because of the work he did yesterday I don’t have to rush to fix it.

I have been so high since then. After every miracle and serendipitous thing I have experienced I still didn’t 100 % trust I was being taken care of. Now I have no excuse except my own inner ego/craziness.


PS my mechanic is Midas in Encinitas on El Camino Real, in case you want some great service and caring mechanics.

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