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Love Affirming Experience

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When you are in alignment with your higher purpose and higher self everything is sacred. I have been blessed with two things in my life that are exactly right (where I live and the Friday gigs at the local coffee shop) and I have been intending and anticipating the rest of my life to flow like that. Today I realized a small job flowed to me very recently because of that perfect alignment - great clients, plenty of money to pay me, loved my work, and asked for more work on a consistent basis.. I was also thrilled to note the way I am now handling a job I have had for 2.5 years is in alignment; in that I handle things quickly, with a lot of love and gratitude. I have been pretty much in love with everything today because of it.

As I was driving home from the very fun but physically tiring new job, I stopped into a sushi restaurant. I have not felt comfortable eating out for a little while because it seemed like my income couldn’t stretch enough to allow it but today I was guided there. I like this particular restaurant because it isn’t very Americanized and they only service sushi with a very little bit of cooked food. I appreciated the sushi chef so much that it helped the good meal transcend to exquisite. I was moved to tears as I watched the precision with which he wielded the knife when he cut the fish. He was careful to recover every piece of fish he touched and washed his hands often. He was loving towards everything he made and creative in making adjustments to meet the customers’ needs. Even the way he shaped the rolls seemed sacred to me. I was transported.

Thank you God and my higher self for such a love and life affirming experience.

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