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Loving Kindness

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I just love feeling supported by people who are loving and kind. Don’t you? I have to admit I have been guilty of judging others and pushing that judgment onto them but I have come to realize that walking my talk means staying compassionately neutral from a loving inner place. Interacting from and with kindness is one of the best and most obvious ways to show this. I try to do this always, although I do slip when my own inner issues get triggered.

I recently had an experience where I was trying to share a very deep and long held issue with an online yahoo list. Someone misunderstood and went on for many emails asserting what I was feeling and how abusive it was to me and how wrong I was etc. She totally missed the point that I wasn’t talking about my feelings but a common underlying belief/issue most of us lightworkers have experienced at some point (you know, the feeling of wanting to go home and not fitting in here on earth). It wasn’t that she misunderstood that was the issue, it was that she then proceeded to be very aggressive about what she thought I should do based on that misunderstanding. Pushing her point of view, implying and writing that I was wrong that I didn’t follow what she said and some other judgmental assertions are certainly not part of loving kindness.

My first reaction was shock at her reaction because I certainly wasn’t aware of feeling the way she decided I was, then resistance. Then I had to take a step back, get more grounded and find what was true for me. I then could appreciate someone else’s posts that also offered suggestions but from a neutral ‘you have choice’ point of view. I did try to explain and it was obvious others got it. Then I just let go. It was clear I triggered something within her and she could not step out of that limiting belief system.

Loving kindness may include pointing something out someone else doesn’t want to hear but it is merely that – a gentle pointing out. The other person needs to then decide what to do with the info. When someone approaches me in email, in person or on the phone from a loving kindness, point of view I can take in what they are communicating much better. I also now appreciate much more thoroughly how being in that loving kindness energy makes a difference to the people around ME.

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