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Processing a tthe speed of lightning

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Oh how funny! Here I thought I was going to sit down and write a blog about how we react when we begin to get what we think we want, i.e. the money rolls in, we have choices on where to live (don’t have to just make do), people want to be friends with and in community with you, etc. Then the fear of making a choice comes up – the fear of making the wrong choice, of the other shoe dropping as soon as you make a choice, of it just being a test and maybe you have no idea what to do or how to handle it or the fear of making the highest and best choice for you and what that might lead to (more loss, processing, change that doesn’t feel positive).

BUT in the time between experiencing this for myself and sitting down to write about it I had already shifted. I think it was a total of an hour. It shifted so much it feels like the fear was in another lifetime. Are you finding this? The more you stay fluid the more inner stuff comes up for healing/releasing or integrating and the faster it does?

Just breathe and stay open. These days there may not be anything else you need to do.

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