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Go Beyond

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When the inner deep still small intuitive voice says make a change – do it. Go beyond the emotional reaction and the mental gymnastics. You can deal with all of that after you make the change.

I have been wrangling with a decision about leaving the place I live in. I do not want to be running away from something because my ego is in self-righteous mode or because I am getting triggered by a particular person’s behaviors. I want to transcend all of that and grow from it. I actually gave notice on May 1 and then went into doubt. I had discussions with two of the three housemates and felt even more insecure with my decision. I had the best, most peaceful afternoon at the place while everyone was gone and went over and over how much I liked the location and the room I have.

Finally I sat down in the middle of all these thoughts and reactive emotions and went inside. I went deep and expansive enough to go beyond the thoughts and emotions and I asked if it was in my highest and best interest to leave.

The answer was immediate, calm and definitive. YES it was time to move for my growth. No other reason. That is good enough for me and I am now enjoying a greater measure of inner peace.

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