Tuesday, 21 May 2013 22:13

Changing Perceptions Changes Everything

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It is funny how our reality is so governed by our perceptions. My reality is that I have too much stuff. As I have been packing to move I have been trying to whittle down my stuff to fewer boxes. Someone else, listening to me describe the volume of my stuff, told me I didn’t have that much. After she said that I began looking at my belongings differently and realized I was frantically trying to make it easier to move and fit into other people’s living spaces.

Now mind you, I have three pieces of bedroom furniture (bed – no fancy frame, small Bombay chest of drawers, and a narrow book shelf), 2 floor lamps, a floor fan, and maybe 23 small boxes of belongings plus some large garbage bags filled with pillows and bed linens. THAT IS IT!! I recognized that in trying to make it easier for me to take smaller and smaller rooms in other people’s homes or apartments I was viewing my meager belongings as too much. I wanted to make sure I didn't cause any problems by having too much stuff.  I have now adjusted my perception.

Today I found myself revisiting the thought I have been carrying around about how fat and unattractive I am. Maybe that too is just a skewed perception that can be changed.

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