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Breathe Underwater Today

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I once had a dream where I was under the ocean and couldn’t come up for air. It occurred to me in the dream that I must be there for a reason and I should just begin to breathe in the water, instead of pushing against the situation to change it. I remember the joy when I realized I could breathe under water.  I had already changed but didn't know it because my mind was still expecting things to be the same. It was a watershed (pun intended) moment in my spiritual awakening.

I reused this immediate acceptance of my circumstances during a recent rather stressful search for a new place to live. I discovered the stress was actually due to the healing of a very deeply held fear about being homeless and belief that if I had a lot of money and could afford a nice place something or some people would attack me and take it away. I stopped one day in the middle of my search and breathed in the fear. I went deeper and I totally accepted that fear. Funny, it began healing as soon as I stopped running from it.

Breathe the fears in. Pretend to trust enough to allow and know your own inner magic will be fabulous at healing them and embracing YOU!!

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