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I have been committed to a pretty intense spiritual path for a long time now. Yet I still struggle with my faith.

It isn’t that I don’t have faith in God or my higher self. It is that I worry that I will get in my own way, time after time. I am not as naive and optimistic as I once was. I know how bad it can get now. And the intuitive info is coming calmer – not a big push where it was easier to follow even if I was very afraid at the same time. It is smaller. It is a small knowing or a small breathe of fresh air.


So I will be quitting my job but I am doubting it because I do not know what is next. I had plans to do some traveling in April to regenerate and already one of those plans is not going to work. So I am learning no planning. Just go with what is immediately next. VERY HARD TO DO!!! Even though this is part of the being here now spiritual way of doing things. And there have been times when I could do that -when I trusted more. Before I got knocked around by all the energy shifts crashing into physical life. Just musing here.

I know I will make the choice/take the action and see what is next. But it is interesting that after all this time I feel less sure now than I did 8 years ago when I made much harder decisions.

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