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It’s happening!! It’s happening.

Ok remember all those channelings that said we have to clean up our thoughts/emotions and energy because there would be a time when our desires would be fulfilled faster? Some of our thoughts were too ugly or non-compassionate to be fulfilled.   I have had some very little things happening like that for about a year but not consistently and with enough time in between the demanding and happening that it often took a while for me to recognize it. Well it has stepped up quite a bit.

On Monday I was craving salmon but was uncomfortable spending the money to buy some as it is so expensive.  I put it in the same mental pile with other things I was craving – a long-needed chiropractic adjustment, a nice hot soak in a tub, etc. I think I also spent the same day, or the day before, commanding (with some accompanying demanding) the universe to bring me more income that does not involve me taking on any additional cleaning jobs and doesn’t hurt me in the process of getting it. I have been doing some cleaning as part of the way I earn income. It serves its purpose and certainly brings with it a certain sense of satisfaction when the house is done (and I get to work alone for the most part) but does not resonate with my heart at all.

Well……..A very lovely and loving person offered to pay for 2 chiropractic sessions this week. They were heavenly.

On Tuesday I was rear ended on the way to do a meet and greet for a job. It was quick and the other driver was cooperative. The damage to my car was such that I knew I wouldn’t bother fixing it unless the other driver’s insurance company paid for everything and I didn’t feel hurt at the time. It turns out the other insurance company accepted full responsibility for the accident but refused to pay for something I must have to rent a car for 4 days (the insurance I don't have on my car ) so I asked for the check to be sent to me. They are and it that should pay my taxes for this year, and have just enough extra to add to what I earn so I can pay rent during these next few slow months.  The chiropractic sessions, plus a lot of love from my facebook friends, took care of the soreness that showed up the next day.

That same day, the people I went to meet said they bought too much food for their vacation and gave me a huge (over 2 lbs) piece of salmon!! I almost cried right in front of them as I let the energy of beleiving in this way of manifesting wash through me.

That is three things I wanted fulfilled with minimal time between the demanding and the fulfilling and I wasn’t hurt badly to make it happen (as has been the case in my past).  AND it was made very obvious so I couldn’t miss the actions. WOW. You can bet I am spending more time loving myself up to be careful about where I put my energy and my demands!!!!

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