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What happens to you when you stop and be still? I have been practicing that each night, along with loving myself thoroughly. I have ‘worked’ through so much inner old karma, past life memories, stored emotions and debilitating beliefs and expectations that I am now in a space to be the love I know I am (we all are). Well, for this week, anyway.

Tonight: As I lay here dipping into a higher version of love, I feel the energy flow deep within me – through my body, my emotions, my psyche even. I also begin to hear the never ending voices from many aspects of my higher self reassuring me. At this moment nothing is wrong, nothing needs to be completed, nothing needs to be changed. I am one with the love that I AM. I feel opening within my body’s energy as I get intuitive glimpses of hurts and constrictions dissolving. Every thought is sacred and I am in love with everyone I think of.

In this oneness of love my future does not come to me. I hear that the future is going to be so different that I cannot imagine it and will not limit it by seeing it now while I am still in the grip of some mental and emotional limitations. I am reminded how much more comfortable I am in my body and that the previous underlying ever present flow of fear has not been felt this week.

I am ‘shown’ (it is communicated to me) how much positive effect I can have on the surrounding energies by being in this love place. It is so much more than I could have logically explained. The effect is huge, moving through time, space and matter easily and swiftly. I love that.

I appreciate. Period. I appreciate.

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