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Expand your Heart Energy through This List

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Would you like to open your heart more? Want to provide the inner space to receive? Be silly and day dream without any thought to the practicalities.

Think of all the fun, silly, sacred, magical things you can do or create. Dreaming up your list of desired events or experiences is the perfect way to open your inner self to more possibilities. Don’t let your notion of how, cost or timing get in the way of your outrageous desire for delight. In other words, do not hold back on dreaming up what you want. Just let yourself feel the wonderful expansion that comes when you think about these things. I just put everything on the list I want to do or be able to do in my life

Here’s mine in no particular order (warning – I share everything and I am not practical at all):

Take a boat tour amidst dolphins.

Visit my college roommate, who lives across the country.

Visit my brother and his kids enough that the kids grow up knowing me.

Tour northern Italy.

Dance with and hanging from silk rope (like a trapeze artist)

Jump out of a plane just once (and get it filmed).

Go back to Paris and leisurely explore.

See the northeast US – Boston, Maine, etc.

Experience a tender, intimate (and physically satisfying relationship with a man.

Feel comfortably part of a community.

Spend time with a personal trainer in the perfect environment with all the exactly perfect equipment for me.

Increase my flexibility and stamina in a fun way.

Create and cherish friendships with people locally.

Experience the freedom again to create art when I want to.

Love myself thoroughly no matter what I weigh or the status of my health or wealth.

Take pleasure every day in the sacred beauty of this world and my relationship to it and in it.

Be able to digest the foods I desire OR only desire the foods I can digest easily.

Have beautiful real flowers in my house/apt every single day.

Go to and spend days at Disney world – until I am sick of it.

Go to India in a comfortable way.

Live in a home that is so open it feels like living outside (in comfort).

Be able to assist other people as guided with NO thought towards income and no need to think about it.




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