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Thank You For Showing Me....

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Thank you universe/spirit/ my guides for showing me where I needed to allow more and surrender more around income and financial support.

I used to hate when that happened, now I am grateful. I want to heal all the parts of me that do not trust that I am always provided for. Before this incident I would have told you I did trust and Iam lighter for it, BUT when a client who usually purchases sessions throughout the year recently took advantage and paid fort two packages at once (I offered her one) totaling 6 hours I freaked a little bit. I knew that meant she wouldn’t be purchasing additional time this year and I wondered if I would be short in the coming months because she banked so much of my time at a greatly discounted price.

That lasted an hour before I remembered that I am trusting and actually have had plenty of proof over the past few months that I AM now provided for. Although it may not look like I thought it would or be enough to have what I think I want, it is usually enough for what I need. So I took many breaths, moved my energy further into the knowing that I AM taken care of and that money flows perfectly for me, and I accepted the payment for the two packages totaling 6 hours.

So thank you Universe/guides for using her to help me trust even more. And thank her for trusting me enough to help on her spiritual evolutionary path that she paid for so much time with me. I am honored.


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