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Trust your Intuition - Even if you don't get all the answers.

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In spite of years of spiritual awakening and all kinds of experiences that tell me otherwise I still sometimes question my intuition, especially if I have an emotional reaction to the guidance (as in I don’t want to follow it). However, at this point in my life my intuition is mostly spot on correct; I just don’t get all the information my mind may need to comfortably act in accordance with it.

For instance, I recently went to the eye doctor. I was all excited about getting new glasses but I kept hearing from my guidance very clearly that I wouldn’t be ordering them until March. If any of you know me, you know I am not the most patient of people. Even after years and years of growing and maturing in my spiritual mastery while in this very human body I still am very impatient and I didn’t want to wait to order glasses. I kept asking my guidance why and, like usual, I did not receive an answer or I couldn’t comprehend the answer that was given.

Once I saw the doctor, however, I received part of my answer. My eyes have reacted to my high blood sugar (which has been very high for probably about a year now) and the doctor told me to hold off on getting glasses until I had the blood sugar under better control. I saw a different doctor for the blood sugar issue 3 days later and got some new meds. It has been two weeks and the guidance hasn’t changed and the blood sugar is coming down – slowly. AAAAND it turns out the medical part of my vision care (the dr’s visit and all the tests, etc) are covered under the new insurance I get under the Affordable Care Act, which doesn’t kick in until somewhere near the end of March. So I can get the complete exam that I could not afford without the insurance.

Don’t you love it when things work out like that? Another example for me to remind me to trust my intuition (as long as I am sure it is my intuition and not my emotional/egoic self).

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