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Evolving Intuition

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Do you ever find yourself doing something, or making a choice to go in a different direction without knowing why? I bet it is your intuitive guidance at work in a way that is new for you.

I have been extremely intuitive for a long time but how the intuition shows up has changed quite a bit. It used to be I just saw pictures in my head. Then I heard words, then I started feeling what other people are feeling (still trying to stop that one), then I just knew. I would expand my awareness to get to the information then, as I grew spiritually, it would come to me.

NOW it IS me. For instance yesterday I paid for some counseling that I would NEVER have done even 6 months ago. I didn’t even think about it. I saw the offer and just did it. I even had to contact the person making the offer because the link didn’t work. I actually didn’t even wonder why I was doing it until this morning. But the answer came very fast – it is the right thing for me to do right now.

I don’t question myself when those kinds of answers come.

So if you no longer get answers in your head or feel pulled ina direction, pay attention to what is happening.  Maybe your dreams are different, or you have a deep knowing now.

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