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Encouraging Words

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The sign over the booth at the fair I went to this past weekend said “Encouraging Words”. I loved it and stopped in. It turned out to be a group of people doing free psychic readings for anyone who wanted one. I did. The reading was full of only good things about me, same for anyone else who stopped in. I asked why they were doing it and they said they just loved people and wanted to support them. How delightful

Do you know with every good thing they said I had an inner voice saying but not always or disagreeing with them or saying if they only knew? I didn’t mention it out loud and I didn’t think about it until later. But it was hard for me to just allow the good things to be said. I become more uncomfortable as the reading went on because I felt some part of me was fooling them, although, what they said was not wrong, just not the whole story.

So I have been practicing telling myself wonderful things, including how much I love myself. That inner voice is still there trying once in a while to tell me I am full of it, but it speaks less and the emotional charge is much less. As we integrate more of our higher selves/soul into our bodies, we will get many opportunities to love ourselves more thoroughly and get to know ourselves better (without all the negative illusions we carry around).  They may not all be labeled so obviously but you will recognize them when they show up.

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