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A Side Effect of Self- Love

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The more you love yourself, the more limiting and coping patterns release. 

You know how you can tell if you have released an emotional or behavioral coping pattern? Pay attention to how you react to even the small stuff. If even a tiny vestige of that emotional/behavioral pattern shows up you have not healed it yet. Seems like that would be obvious but it is easy to be in denial. These patterns show up in all our interactions.

I just had my 'people pleasing UH OH what did I do wrong stuff' show up when someone unsubscribed from my blog mailing list!!! There are a million reasons that could be possible as to why he unsubscribed but my first reaction was 'what did I do wrong?". I am allowing healing now.

Healing the "feeling wrong and needing to please people" aspects of my personality seem to be up for me right now. It goes along with loving myself thoroughly, which is part of this phase of my spiritual evolution (or maybe it is the main reason for it). So I am really noticing it in all aspects of my life. I am sure you are experiencing something similar with your own coping/inner patterns. I must be super ready to change this because it is being shown to me over and over, in every relationship and in all my thought patterns. So I am noticing how systemic and deep it is, focusing on healing it each time it becomes obvious and then moving right into additional self-love.

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