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Letting Things Be Easy

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For as long as I can remember I have been whining that I want the transitions due to my spiritual evolution to be easier.  I have prayed, asked and demanded.  I chose over and over to release all the drama.  Now that I have a very obvious example, I am resisting!!!

As I have written before I have a part time job now and much about the job is perfect. It sure fits the list of what I wanted in a part time job, especially the amount of income I earn from it.   However, it puts me right smack in the middle of lower vibrational energy for 5 hours a day (it was 6 hours but I reduced it), 5 days a week. I have been receiving messages clearly and distinctly for over a week to give notice but I haven’t been able to do it because I am afraid that I cannot create the necessary additional income (or more) with my own business or that I can find another part time job that will be at a vibration high enough for me to be comfortable.

I have been struggling with following these intuitive messages because they are just declarative sentences (and because I don’t trust my manifesting skills).  I haven’t felt the rush of the need to change nor do I hate the job.  I get along with everyone there and the job keeps me busy, some parts of it are actually fun.  In short, there is no drama about it.  When there has been drama I respond fast but I have been sitting with this even though the messages are strong.

On Thursday the pressure to quit was turned up.  A new person was hired who is very loud.  Then another one was interviewed who may be hired who wears very strong perfume which I am allergic to.  Both things can be remedied with loving conversation but it is obvious the circumstances are becoming less and less comfortable, not to mention that I am finding myself a bit more irritated each day at being there.   So I guess this is where my resistance is creating an increase in the drama that I have been familiar with.

I have also been exploring my inner self to be sure that the messages to quit were not coming from my ego not wanting to work this kind of job but all I can find is that the lower vibration energy is harsh on me. This is a clear example where the practical, every-day choice is conflicting with higher dimensional living.

So here I have been asking for it to be easy and now that it is, I am resisting.  There has not been any drama around the need to quit; it simply isn’t the right energy for me.  What a lovely example of how things can be and a beautiful lesson for me.  And I am quitting on Monday.

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