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Full Stop -or the REAL time your life completely changes

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Sometimes your growth process looks like you have come to a full stop. That is usually when either the deepest integration is going on or the deepest release. Even if it seems like it goes on forever we need these times of seemingly nothing going on too. I have been undergoing immense inner changes, as have MANY of you all. It looks like an increase in my outside ‘other’ work I do to earn income. It also looks like an increased focus on mundane events and things.

Yes I reacted to that. I got scared and upset that my life seemed to be going that way instead of continuing to be full of fun, spiritual magic and visions. But now that I am into it a few more months I am finding the magic shows up without any drama. The magic is integrated into the mundane now – there is no separation. Part of me is let down a bit because I thought my whole life would become the magic I experienced once in a while when reaching blissed states. I didn’t realize that when my higher self integrated more into the physical, the physical becomes the magic. There is no drama about it, no special moments that are obvious and separate from other moments. It becomes one long stream of sacredness.

When my inner child calmed down enough to notice, I embraced the everyday magic and my life began flowing better. I am more confident that the changes I would like to see in my life will occur even while handling the way my life actually is a lot easier (and with less frustration – YAY). I also talk to my spirit more and pray a lot more. It seems natural.

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