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Was That My SIgn???

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Are you getting guidance or signs that you don’t believe or are coming to you in such a different way than they used to that you don’t recognize them? I have been asking for a sign or clear guidance as to where to go next or what to focus on in my everyday life for a little while now. Many of my clients are doing the same. I know I am in the middle of a huge upgrade and some seemingly unending fine tuning energetically but I don’t wait well. I have been wondering if I am missing the sign or the ‘call’ since I haven’t noticed one. Again, many of my clients, and a few friends, are doing the same. Well maybe I got one last night in the most interesting way.

I dreamt I was cleaning out a storage area in preparation for moving. There were two other people there – one was also cleaning out her stuff and the other was there to harass me on everything she thought I had of hers or used that I should pay for. When I was almost done I received a call from someone who sounded like Morgan Freeman telling me the white house wanted me to write a book and could I have it ready by Thanksgiving. I was a little freaked out in the dream and asked a book about what? And where did this come from? I do not remember getting an answer other than asking again if I would write it. I said yes, hung up and then really freaked out.

Here I am awake and wondering was that my sign? And what the heck am I going to write about? But I am open and willing. So I guess I will spend some time writing and see what comes out. I am not sure I could get a clearer sign than that.

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