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Energy changes when you love yourself

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So apparently it isn’t just relationships that don’t work that fall away as you come back to yourself in this crazy ascension process. I began focusing on loving and accepting myself more last September (of 2013) and was intuitively guided to make several changes for my health. Over the next year a major positive change also happened with part of the way I make a living. This past October I began deliberately connecting with loving myself each and every time I get annoyed, angry, anxious and resentful. I also radiate love out to situations and people involved in helping me bring up those emotions. The results have been very interesting. I certainly didn’t think I would see results so fast but I have.

My spiritual healing facilitation business has revived, I am more easily setting boundaries around people that I would previously have lowered my energy to help (i.e. commiserate with), and two very expensive items left my life. Both my car and my computer had to be replaced. There wasn’t a lot of warning (to be fair -there was some but nothing that made it seem as if replacement had to be immediate, until it had to be) or any drama. And the replacement items and method of obtaining them both were drama free; another lovely side benefit of all this love.

Both the car and the computer were bought during times of deep depression, anger and self-loathing. I never liked the car but was too afraid to get anything better because of the costs and because I am not sure I thought I was allowed to have a better car. I chose the specific computer I did to work with someone easily on a major accounting project that was promised, started then yanked from me unceremoniously. I had leftover negative feelings around both objects. Once I started loving myself I couldn’t continue using these objects.

I am finding some low level anxiety and negativity just gone now that these items have been replaced and because they were replaced so fast and easy. It helps me appreciate how much I have changed and living everyday life easier.

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