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I have given up - in the most delightful way

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Now that I am practicing loving myself and being the love that I truly am there are a few things I have been guided to give up.

I have given up or am working on giving up:

People who only want to be with me if they feel bad so I will cheer them up.

People who spend every minute with me talking about themselves or their kids.

Listening to others complaining.

Participating in events that don’t feel uplifting to me.

Following through on obligations, real or perceived, that do not serve me.

Forcing things in any way – whether it is a career going nowhere or an old computer that just refuses to work.

Trying to explain anything to people who want to cling to their limiting beliefs and emotions (especially anger).

Pretending to like something or someone or to be something I am not.

Doing whatever it takes to get approval from others.

Hoping for something that I used to perceive as better in the future (I mean, come on, what is better than loving yourself completely?).

Being defensive with angry, pushy, aggressive people.

Finishing books or movies I don’t like.

Eating salads when I want hot, cooked food.

Beating myself up over gaining weight, eating too much food, eating the wrong food, not exercising enough – or anything else I can find (this is a work in progress for sure).

Second guessing myself when I am intuitively guided to tell someone something during a session that I know they don’t want to hear (another work in progress).

Saying bad things to my body in my head (the most intense work in progress).

And more!!!

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