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Go Ahead and MIss the Point OR Getting Reconnected

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Getting Reconnected or Go Ahead and Miss The Point

Have you noticed how spirit/ your higher self will do its best to get you ‘on track’ if you start down a side path?? It sure happens to me and recently it actually occurred with something enjoyable instead of the usual old painful way.

I have been withdrawing more and more from the ‘spiritual’ side of my life, trying for almost a year to dim the passion I have for assisting others with their spiritual evolution. Interesting how that is when I began to put on weight (duh!!). I got very caught up in the day to day work needed to grow my finances and the work that was doing that had nothing to do with assisting others in their spiritual growth or using the skills I gained from my earlier business career or my many degrees. I was not happy doing it but at least my income was growing and when my car broke down I could get a loan for a new one (and a credit card for the new compute I had to purchase recently). I have tried over and over to balance and blend my spiritual awareness with what I feel I have to do to make money but I do not feel very successful at it.

I continued to work on myself to allow myself to integrate more of my higher knowing into my physical awareness. That only made the gap bigger. But OOOH when I did get to work with people it was magical and more and more powerful.

I was all excited when it felt like my desire to make fabric art was coming back. I saw mention of the Road to California quilt show and noticed it is only 90 minutes from me and felt called to go. Since I haven’t had a vacation in 4 years I decided to go up the day before, see friends, stay overnight in a hotel (a very nice treat) then go to the show. Or I was led to do that – these days my intuition works differently and what feels like fun and feels right is often my intuition’s guidance.

The bath I was looking forward to was no big deal. (I have been living in other people’s houses for 2.5 years and, except for one time where I paid to take a mineral bath, have not had a long tub soak in all that time. I used to love long soaks). The show I was really looking forward to was too crowded and didn’t really inspire me. So what was the point of the trip?

Well, all the driving and the hotel helped me allow my energy to expand out to where it is more comfortable, and a fantastic conversation about the new way of healing that marries western medical modality with complementary energy healing with an orthopedic surgeon helped me reawaken my passion full force for helping others by ‘reading’ their energy and assisting with their ascension process, especially in their bodies.

THAT was the whole point of the trip. The point wasn’t to inspire me to make fabric art again but to go somewhere that worked to assist me in reconnecting with my passionate purpose in this life (beyond my own experiential inner growth). I do not know how to maintain this connection given how my life is structured now but I guess if I can be guided to re-awaken so easily I can be guided on how to integrate and maintain awareness of it in a more balanced way. At least that is my intention!!

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