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Wallowing and Indulging in Growth

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Wallowing for Growth

Don’t you love it when the exact perfect information comes to you at the exact right time? For me it is even more special when it comes from a dear friend who is listening to her intuition and calls me up at night just when I need the support and love. THEN I actually listened and did it today.

I asked what do I need to feel better about me and my life? I wanted to feel more present, more satisfied, happy and calm. Her intuitive answer was to listen to the wind, follow the light and color outside – color mandalas. *She didn’t know I had just bought a book of mandalas to color!!*

So I went where I was guided where I could be surrounded by grass and trees and still see the ocean. It was a sunny warm day and I colored. As I focused on the colors that wanted to be on the page I began paying attention to the world around me.

Instead of just listening to the wind I indulged in it. I let it flow through my energy, I let it surround me through me and I was reminded of gentleness, calmness and compassionate loving. Instead of looking at the sun I wallowed in it. I let it light up my energy and watched old crispy stuff fall out. I felt some old emotions I have been carrying around lighten up and recede and heal. I watched the vastness of the ocean and was reminded of being that vast myself while in a human body. And the trees, those lovely green trees (this IS California) swaying in the wind. They spoke to me of appreciating the earth again, noticing the quiet and sacred beauty.

When I finished coloring I felt full, satisfied, calm and grounded. Very present in my body on earth. EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED.





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