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I Love Presents from the Divine

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AHH!!! That moment of pure delight when all the boundaries to being who you truly are just drop. Even now, three days later, I still am deeply moved to tears.

I received fabulous guidance through a friend to go outside and color, to listen to the wind and let the light in, and to be somewhere with trees where I could see the ocean. I have been doing it since last week and find myself very peaceful and settled when done.

I have a huge book of mandalas to color and the decision of which color to use comes to me intuitively. Often I am surprised by how it turns out because I stay so much in the moment, I don’t pay attention to the whole thing. I only pay attention to what color comes to me intuitively to be used. Sunday I started with black. Then I HAD to use a very dark pink. I rounded it out with some green but the mandala is basically black and pink. I had no idea why I picked those colors because I have never colored with black before.

Well at the same time I am coloring I noticed a very loud crow was making lots of noise. I know crows bring messages from higher beings – at least they always have for me. I even said (yes, out loud in a public park) to the crow that I knew it brought messages, what did it have for me. BUT I didn’t listen. I got distracted and continued coloring with colors I don’t usually use. I finished the mandala but didn’t feel calm at all so I went for a walk and then came back to do another one.

Well the SAME crow came back to talk to me, louder than ever. This time I laughed and put the coloring pencils down and went internal to listen.

I saw the crow in my head, gloriously and richly black with a pink ribbon in its mouth. The colors were the same as the first mandala I colored!! Clearly some part of me was paying attention even if the energy was not conscious yet. When I saw the ribbon I smiled and in my head said “oh present for me??!!” I said yes, I would accept the present.

I then had a moment of complete silence – even the ‘noise’ of the psychic energy vanished – then I heard laughter from all the spirit beings around me. And in that moment many things happened at once. The ribbon in my vision came into my body, threading its way through in a spiral. The knowledge came to me that this was not only a present from God but it was actually God’s presence at another vibrational level. When I got that, my body flushed with light and sparkles zoomed. The delight that came at the word play was visceral.  For that moment I was everything and all with no boundaries to the energy around me, no separation between me and the spirit beings, or me and the crow or the trees, or me and my body

It was intense and it was fast. I was crying and clapping when I came back to myself (yes again, in a public park- I just didn’t care). My whole body tingled from the energy and that energy ran intensely as I was integrating until Tuesday afternoon. I accept all presents from and the presence of the divine!!!!

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