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Easy Mindfulness

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Try this: Clasp your hands. Notice which hand has the thumb in between the thumb and forefinger of the other hand (for me it was the right). Now re-clasp your hands differently - with the thumb of the other hand in between the thumb and forefinger of the opposite hand than before (for me so my left thumb is cradled in between the right hand’s thumb and forefinger). OR just brush your teeth with the other hand. Feels weird, maybe even wrong, doesn’t it?  

Yet, it expands your perspective and interrupts the same old mind chatter you have had going each day. For those of you trying so hard to be more positive and /or more open to magic and miracles sometimes you just need a little different perspective as your very next step. It doesn’t really work for you, or anyone, to try to just think different thoughts or stop feeling a certain way. That stuff comes from within and takes more inner work than that. Imposing your will on the rest of you just causes problems such as suppression or old patterns and emotions rather than healing.

So what if you just did something differently today? What if you took an extra minute to appreciate the flowers (or stop too throw a snowball) with no expectations except it is something a tiny bit different than you did the day before? Or what if you try to brush your teeth or eat with a different hand, or go a different route to work? This kind of exploration can be really fun and interesting if you don’t have any expectations except to do something differently as often as you think about it. It disrupts the routine of everyday life and of your thoughts. Most people become more mindful, present, and flexible. That allows the universe to work through and with your inner spirit easier.

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