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Focus on the Feelings not the Details

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Sometimes what you think you want is far from what you resonate with. Today I went to visit a potential place to live. It was advertised as a studio connected to a holistic center and the house owner was looking for an assistant also. The location sounded gorgeous – nestled in the trees near a lagoon which in turn is almost right next to the ocean. The owner believes strongly as I do – that we must change the world through bettering our relationship with whatever we call the all-knowing energy of everything (I call it God) and bring that into our everyday lives.

And the longer I sat there and listened to him the more antsy I got. I developed a headache that increased in intensity and I just couldn’t get away. Turns out he wants someone to co create a new program that supposedly has large earning potential rather than hire an assistant, at least 4 other people would be living in the house, the ‘studio’ was actually an older furnished bedroom and bath with a tiny galley kitchen located in the bottom of the house, and the guy talked all around what he was trying to say instead of being direct. More importantly I felt so much sticky energy it was uncomfortable.

On paper (or rather craigs list) it looked perfect but not so. I learned that I am now willing to let go of how I think my next place to live ‘should’ look. I re-remembered the words mean nothing - it is the energy behind it that makes all the difference. I also relearned that if I am not intuitively getting an enthusiastic yes, the answer is no.

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