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Feeling Safe and following your intution (not the ego)

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It is a unique and amazingly blessed experience to feel safe.  I grew up feeling very unsafe - always on guard, on edge, angry, defensive etc.  VERY recently, after being purged of another level of mother issues, I realized I had no idea what it was/is like to feel safe.   Once that kind of realization surfaces it means the healing has already begun.  The signs have been there - a rational and professional boss, moving into a home with rational people - but now I am beginning to feel it.  <3

IT IS SO DIFFERENT!!!! I don't have all the words yet, but they will come.<3

 I am so much more relaxed.  I can remind myself easily that things will work out when an something unexpected happens. I am actually aware of how much time I spend NOT feeling anxious.  I am able to let go of things that just a week ago worried and frustrated me. 

I am so GRATEFUL that some part of me KNEW to keep allowing the inner shifting to be my focus even as my ego was pushing me to go out and DO something. 

I even attracted several spiritual counselors/psychics who pushed at me to do something or change my emotions (stop feeling this or that) without any real help on how to change it.  Oh plenty of advice but nothing that rang true.  I am not someone who has EVER been able to impose my will on myself to change my attitude (ie just think positive, feel the faith again).  The underlying emotion or issue has to be healed before true change occurs with me.  Until I was able to tap into the energy of feeling safe I was unable to let those old emotions heal.  I have also been able to see that I attracted readers who reflected all the old energies coming up for healing (God bless them).  It is easier to think more positively now that I feel safer.  It is easier to pay attention to when it is appropriate for me to physically do something and when it is just perfect to continue to do nothing. It is easier to be more conciously aware of my connection to my higher self/all that is now.

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