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What amd I left with?

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I have learned that I am not as smart, talented or gifted as I thought I was.  I used to make myself feel better by focusing on thinking I was smarter than everyone around me, until I went to a conference where just about everyone in the room seemed smarter than I was/am.  I used to take great pleasure in how talented of an artist I thought I was until I was around truly talented and gifted creative people.  You get the drift.

This ascension journey has not brought me good health, riches and recognition like I thought it would.  It has however ripped away everything my ego hung on to in order to feel better.  Somewhere along the way I also seem to have lost a lot of passion for the things and processes that used to motivate me – art, cooking, learning, exploring, shopping, and sex (in my earlier years). I guess that goes hand in hand with separating me from everything outside of me that I used to feel better.

What am I left with?

I am left with the wonder of the eternal me.  I am left with the inner joy and appreciation of my soul. My inner being.  I am less bitter about how my life has progressed and not having what I think I want. When I am feeling down or caught up in emotions that are very strong because they are healing and leaving, just my own energy and thoughts help me feel better.

I can’t say I am happy but I AM more content. 

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