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A Different Definition of Balance

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When I raise my vibration everything else becomes secondary.  A few days ago I was angry all day, yesterday I was frustrated about my money and health situation.  Today I woke up and did some high vibration energy work for 45 minutes to some friends, also raising my own vibration and focusing me on the eternal me rather than my earthly concerns.  And the whole day has been 100% better than the previous week.

Today I felt calm, peaceful, trusting and VERY present.  I even found my thoughts turning to money – the exact same situation as yesterday – and no fear came up at all.  When I am at that level of trust, none of it matters.  I am not saying it will all work out the way I want, I am noticing that I just don’t get caught up in worrying about it or fearing around it.

I am so glad my higher-self reminds me in a gentle way that when I raise my vibration (my words for relaxing, letting the beautiful/sacred energies of All That Is flow through me easier and focusing on being open and receptive), none of the rest of it matters and it all flows smoothly and gently. 

This is the second reminder I have experienced in the past week on this very subject and the second time I am just as thrilled it was done gently (or I listened while the reminder was still gentle).  I tend to struggle to ‘find the balance’ between the spiritual and the earthly stuff (the mundane everyday tasks) but maybe my way of balancing is to be sure my vibrations are raised to the perfect level for me to be calm and trusting, and the rest will take care of itself, provided that I continue to participate in my every day physical living.  It certainly seems easier than trying to put equal focus on spiritual pursuits and on physical living, or focusing only on the physical to make sure my financial situation, and possibly my health, continues to improve.   

All I know is that I feel like me again.

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