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Reminders About Allowing the Shift

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 I recently had a very abrupt reminder of how ascension symptoms can crop up.

I came home from my first day on the job in such excruciating pain and so dead tired all I could do was lay down.  Let me tell you, I was scared.  I called friends to ask for their help and I  asked for help on a yahoogroup, where I got a lot of advice about stretching and office ergonomics rather than any real intuitive help.  I thought I was not going to be able to continue with the job because my body couldn’t handle sitting all day.

I was in such fear that I forgot one of the basic tenets of this ascension process we are going through -that is if we are shifting some deeply held fears  or  if there is a lot of  resistance, it will hurt!!!!    It has to come out some way and through the body (rather than emotionally or shifting energy) is often painful.

I received some help discovering the reasons for the pain from a very intuitive friend. bless her.  One of the reasons was left over fear from when I had a full time job where I was treated horribly.  Part of me had not let go of that completely and it was triggered by taking this new job in an office.  I had been trying to avoid that when I was looking for a job.  The second reason was I still had a belief that if I took this job  it would take my focus away from what I am passionate about, which is assisting others along their spiritual evolutionary path, and I would be stuck doing jobs I don’t care about the rest of my life.  I know, kind of dramatic but it was there.

Once I was able to identify what was going on I was able to allow the flow of healing to be easier and my body pains went away within hours.  Seriously, I was a new person by the end of the second day!!! I am even able to relax about the job and how much time it takes out of my day!!

It was a good example of the practical application of all this spiritual shifting.  I was reminded of all of the following:

  • that it doesn’t matter how I earn money, my connection to my true self is always there;
  • that I am taken care of financially at all times even if I can’t see how and even if it doesn’t happen the way I think it should;
  • that my mind can’t figure everything out ;
  • that my filters and fears can get in the way of my intuitive guidance;
  • that I don’t always get to know everything ahead of time (for an intuitive this can be annoying);
  • that as long as my passion is aligned with my highest and best good, it will be dominate in my life no matter what else is happening.

As soon as I was able to relax and allow the fears to be blessed and heal, all sorts of new business came my way and some wonderful new ideas were presented to help me spread the word out about new possible classes and the upcoming teleconferences.  I am sooooo grateful for the incredible positive changes in my life.

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