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Taking Time

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The sun is shining, the waves are loudly rolling in and out, the birds are pecking on the ground looking for food and I am sitting on a bench doing nothing.  Well, looking like I am doing nothing.  What I am really doing is healing.

I get so focused on healing my body, heling energy that calls to me, clearing houses, doing what I can to make money, helping others feel better about themselves and just better in general, that I forget to take the time needed to be still and allow my own connection to the inner/true me to re-align.  I get out of whack when I do too much and forget to just be still. That means no reading, no computer, no phone, no TV (or you tube), no crafting, no talking to others and no thinking about the millions of things I still have to do.  It also means no deliberate manipulation of energy or trying to get answers or guidance for me or anyone else.  Just taking time.

As I merge more and more of my soul energy with my body – or as I recognize more and more the depth of soul energy accessible through my body (however you view this process) – I need regular time to just be still. It feels as if a thousand hours of healing occurs when I take regular time to be still.  I am able to cope with being around all kinds of people and with needing to do so many different things to earn income.  I am even able to accept without rancor the need to have so much income just to have some amount of comfort in my life.

These days taking time involves me being outside.  I prefer sunshine and the sound/energy of the ocean, as I live very close, and work even closer, to it.  There was a time when making art was my taking time but now I need to not be doing at all, just being.

I do not know the direction my life is taking now that so many things have changed and I have moved into a new phase of which I know nothing consciously.  I don’t have a sense of purpose right now.  I do not know how I am going to continue to be taken care of financially given that I need to make some changes in my work life.  I also do not know how I am going to support my body given the health state it is in, the even more sensitive reactions to drugs and the possibility of losing insurance.  However, I do know I must take this time to continue functioning at optimal levels physically, financially, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

Take time in your way.

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