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Every Day Magic

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Every Day Magic occurs when you get to see/know/feel the eternal flow of life/god/the universe in your everyday life (insert the words that fit you best).  You can be aware of it in many ways.  It shows up when you are no longer angry at your unrewarding job, when you stay neutral or even loving in the presence of someone who used to push your buttons or when those magical moments of serendipity show up showering love and sparkles in your life.  I also find it when I am internally prodded – pushed even – to create a luscious piece of art, or write something where the words just flow with no interruption or doubt from me, or I get an idea to let go of a particular job I don’t want to do anyway in spite of my worry about having enough money and then something I love doing, and pays, shows up.

I have been focusing on accepting what I do now for work – I clean vacation rental houses part time just to earn enough money for my life – and shining as much loving light on each house as I clean, as well as loving myself more and more.  In the past few weeks I notice that I am no longer dreading cleaning any place, I don’t get angry when I am there and I don’t cry because I can’t find anything else to earn money with that is closer to my heart.  I just go, clean and leave.  THIS IS A HUGE CHANGE and breakthrough for me.  It took a lot of inner work but I am able to recognize the magic of it.

This is not the dramatic magic that people experience when huge visions come or huge shifts are made overnight.  It is the every day magic of integrating your higher self, your true self, into your body and, well, your every day life.

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