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Loving my Body

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I have been taking time each day to love each part of my body and then the whole.  I say the words and I thank it but I also send love from my heart.  When I started doing this, this time around, I had to focus on my body being part of my soul’s energy.  Now I can just look at and think of the physical body.

I have done this a few other times and only resulted in bringing up a lot of anger and judgment, along with a large dose of hurt from my body.  I also couldn’t actually feel love for my body; I could only say the words.

This time I was hoping for some physical healing.  While I haven’t experienced that yet I have had some other wonderful results.  I no longer have the constant inner voice making negative comments about my body, and there is no more sarcasm or self-depreciation.  I am more relaxed and I feel more open-hearted.  I know it took quite a bit of inner healing to get here but I am so GLAD I did it. The key is to FEEL the love and appreciation.

*PS thanks to my magical friend Arline for her recent reminder of this process.

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