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Manifesting Perfectly for Ourselves

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 Things are moving faster these days. As you expand your awareness of who you truly are, or raise your vibration for higher dimensional living, you manifest faster too, primarily because you have less resistance or underlying limiting beliefs.  While this is occurring, your manifestations come into alignment with the highest good of all and sometimes that highest good does not match what your brain is still telling you that you want, either with the timing, the volume, the exact way it looks or how it comes about. Also, commitments you have made to yourself and the remaining internal beliefs direct the course of the manifestation, even when you are not aware of them.
I know this is a great source of frustration to many but if you think of it as a training ground preparing you for when you have no impediment to creating from your thoughts, you might enjoy it or, at the very least, understand it better.
Think about it.  You don’t want to be creating chaos and destruction when you get mad, or pain for someone else because you are projecting your own inner neediness on to them.  So as you heal yourself of these illusory limitations (blocks from consciously knowing your oneness with god) you clear out space to manifest quickly from your thoughts.  It is why you can manifest small things easier than the bigger, emotionally fraught things, like parking spaces or new shoes or finding the perfect kitchen tool when you need it.
Let me give you an example from my life.  I looked for a job for over a year but I was awash in resentment, anger and fear about it because I really wanted to earn money from doing something I was passionate about and I treasure the freedom that comes from owning my own business.  I assumed I would not find a job I would like and I would have to completely give up my spiritual business. The fear became so great and was affecting me badly that I just couldn’t live with it.   I then spent a lot of time focusing on healing my money fears especially where they were tied to my self-worth and bringing all the wonderful spiritual/energy changes into my physical life.  I went through a very intense acceleration of some inner healing and integrating.
So here we have many reasons the timing was not what I (my ego/brain) wanted – my limiting beliefs about how I wanted to earn an income, some desperately needed healing of money and self-worth issues, and to spur me on through the next few steps in my spiritual evolution. My trust level has increased tremendously about being taken care of in the physical world; either through inspired action or just plain old every day miracles. I would say I got a lot out of the whole situation even though it wasn’t what I wanted or the way I wanted to manifest.
My commitment is to live as the highest and best version of me in the body.  That means my higher self (or some call it inner being) uses every opportunity to help me align with this version of me.   Your commitment to yourself might be different and your experiences will then be different.
What happened is that I got a job just about exactly when I truly needed it, not before.  Now someone else might be angry that he/she had to use up almost all of his/her savings before a job manifested, but those ‘rules’ most people tend to live by, about money and many other things, don’t matter to me.  One of the greatest gifts of this whole situation is that with the greater integration of my higher self into the physical existence I am free of the shackles of others’ expectations, including the ones I assimilated.
Or at least I am free-er, I will discover more as I go along in life.  I am grateful for all the internal shifts that occurred because of this whole situation.  My higher self truly does know better than my ego and I thank god/my higher self that manifesting for me happens in a way that is perfect for me.
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