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Magnificently complex and simple

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Yesterday when I woke up, I felt a little bit depressed, body in pain, a little hopeful about my future, excited about a new project, comfortable, curious about the day, slightly anxious about my immediate need for new housing, etc.  ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  And it is ok.

We are magnificent beings of light.  Light that includes many different frequencies of energy as well as many different emotions.  The trick for me is to remember none of them actually conflict with any other.  They can and do all exist at the same time, I am just not always consciously aware of that.  Yesterday I was particularly sensitive to it.

 So I chose.  I chose to stay simple.  I chose and continune to choose to stay as present as possible, focusing on the new project and some writing I want to get done. All the spiritual clearing, experiences and visions aren’t any good to me if I can’t feel good in my everyday life.  So that is what I choose.

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